Season 1 Episode 10

Incident of the Golden Calf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Pete sees a guy sitting all alone. Pete gets Favor. When they get back he's gone. They find him, Brother Bent, by a wrecked wagon. He was chased out of the last town. Bent is hired as a drover. A guy watches the herd then reports back to Crowley. Pete tells Favor we're being followed. Bent pulls a large gold nugget out of his pocket. He says he got it at the town he was run out of. Favor lies in wait for whoever is following him. Clint Crowley says he lost his herd to Texas fever. He offers $4 a head for Favor's herd. Favor disarms Crowley and his men. Three guys fight over the nugget. Bent bets the location of the town where he got the nugget against all the drovers have. Bent cuts high card. Favor breaks out the whiskey. Then he goes to Juniper for supplies. Crowley and his gang are there. Favor fights Fred Rocket, a guy he fired. Favor returns to his camp. The whole outfit except Pete, Wish and Rowdy quit to hunt for gold. They got Bent drunk and he told where the town, Crescent City, is. Now Crowley offers $2 a head. Favor sells the herd but someone steals the money that night. Favor, Rowdy, Pete and Wish go to Crescent City. The drovers ask for their jobs back. There is no gold. Crowley stole the money. Favor says the herd is his. Rocket is ready to shoot Favor. Bent throws the nugget at Rocket. Favor plugs Rocket.