Season 1 Episode 20

Incident of the Judas Trap

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Wolves threaten the herd and kill Forrester, a drover. Pete rides six miles to town to get a wolver and traps. None are available. Pete finds his old flame, Nora Sage, who ran off with another man when Pete was in the war. Pete offers to send her back home and join her after the drive. She says no and slaps him. As he leaves a bum with a broken trap says he's a wolver. He makes a crack about Nora,now calling herself Lilly, and Pete grabs him. Lilly, meets with Brad Morgan in her room. He wants money, she wants him to marry her and take her away. A ranch up north hired all the wolvers. Rowdy sees a line cabin with traps. It belongs to Medrina Wilcox. Her foreman is Brad Morgan. He is giving Medrina's sister Paula a ride home. Medrina has a herd, but only one man. Her and Favor pool herds. Morgan has Favor's men set the traps. They kill ten. Medrina tells Paula she's spoiled. Brad tells Paula to stay away from the drovers. Brad wants Medrina to come away with him to San Francisco. He gives her the necklace Lilly was wearing. The marshal says Lilly was strangled in her room. The drunk says Pete was there. Someone notices the necklace on Medrina. Brad says he bought it from a peddler. The marshal wants to take Brad. Favor says he needs him. The marshal takes Pete. The river's dropping they can cross in the morning. Paula sneaks out to see Brad. He tells her we're through. Paula tells Brad she will disprove his alibi. He stuffs her body under the floorboards. Medrina comes looking for Paula. Brad says he put her on a stage. Brad cuts the rope on the remuda and rides to Medrina's ranch. Favor and Rowdy go after him. Brad tells Medrina they're getting married. He carries her into the house to pack. Brad says Paula had no money. He gave he $200. She went to Dallas. Medrina says she hated Dallas and finds money in Paula's things. She tells Brad she doesn't want to go. Brad grabs her and says women are Judases. Rowdy and Favor ride up. Medrina runs out. Brad comes out and fires. Rowdy and Favor kill him. They find Lilly's jewelry on him. Pete is released.