Season 3 Episode 24

Incident of the Lost Idol

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy and Pete stop a runaway wagon. The young driver, Billy Manson, pulls a shotgun on them. His sister, Laurie Manson, and their sick mother are in the wagon. They're headed to Itasca, about fifteen miles away, but they have a couple of broken spokes. Favor says take them to the herd, and sends Rowdy for a doctor. Two riders are following up on the high ground. Hey Soos horns in on Wish for Laurie's company. Mrs. Manson's sister is coming to take Laurie and Billy back east. Rowdy brings the doc. Rowdy picked up a wanted poster on Clete Manson. Pete and Favor check out the two riders. Mrs. Manson dies. Billy shows Laurie the poster. Billy tells Favor he thinks he will go to his home in the hills. Favor suggests he meet his aunt and talk it out. Favor and Hey Soos take Billy and Laurie into town. The stage comes in at 11:00 am tommorrow. The sheriff says the two riders are bounty hunters. Billy overhears Favor talk about the bounty hunters. Laurie awakes to see Billy is gone. Billy leaves a note for Laurie to go with Aunt Martha. Favor goes to the Manson place. Billy tries to club him with a log. Clete Manson, his father, enters with a gun. Clete sends Billy to get Laurie. The two bounty hunters are holding Hey Soos and Laurie. Hey Soos sees Billy in the transom. Hey Soos distracts the bounty hunter by slapping Laurie. Billy clunks him over the head. Laurie's afraid of Clete. The two bounty hunters are outside. Clete pretends to use Laurie as a shield, and tells Billy he don't need him. Clete goes out and gets shot.