Season 1 Episode 16

Incident of the Misplaced Indians

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 01, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy finds two Indians dead outside a house. Amelia Spaulding is inside singing and making candy. She grabs Rowdy's hand and won't let go. Rowdy stays with her. Pete and Favor show up. Favor sees a man's boots and coat in the bedroom. Pete's ready to eat some candy. She moans. The Indians are christian and friendly, Delawares. Pete says one got away. She hides a bottle of arsenic. An Indian comes towards her with a knife. She screams. He dies. They take her to their camp. She says her husband, a missionary, died of a perforated stomach a month ago. She asks to ride with the herd to a stage stop. Pete and Rowdy tote her things. Pete takes some of the candy. She sees the candy and dumps it into the stove. Pete eats some of the candy. Amelia's sister Clarissa and her husband return after being gone three days. They go to Fort Stiles to have the army look for her. They are being watched by one who promises revenge (Mr. Moon). Pete's feeling queezy. The army tells Clarissa they'll find Amilia. Amelia works on Rowdy. Wish says Pete must be full to the gills with arenic. Favor finds the candy in Pete's pocket. The Delaware's eyes were all red and swollen like Pete's. She calls the Indians dirty savages. Rowdy says he's taking her home to New Hampshire. A drover tells the army Amelia is with the herd. Amelia makes Rowdy promse not to leave her. Clarissa tells Amelia no one will blame you. Amelia says she killed without reason. Amelia runs for the buggy. Mr. Moon, Chief of the Delaware, kills her, and gives the rifle to the captain.