Season 2 Episode 29

Incident of the Music Maker

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 20, 1960 on CBS

Episode Recap

Anton Zwahlen is burying his wife Freida. He asks to travel with the herd for a couple of days. He offers to oil everyone's guns. What he does is file down all the firing pins. Anton's relatives come and take 50 head of cattle. They are not good at farming and need them for food. Four Indians come wanting to buy cattle. They're just scoping the place out. Wish shoots one with his derringer. Pete and Scarlet are sent to Bill Kelley's trading post to buy rifles. Anton's son Ernst and the rest of the town want all the cattle. Anton tells Favor they're gonna butcher your herd. Anton says he can make firing pins out of the steel in the music box. A U.S. Marshall stops Pete for having stolen government rifles. Anton's relatives ride up. Anton tells them to go home. Anton shoots his son. Pete, Scarlet and the marshal show up. Everyone says there has been no crime. Rowdy shows an IOU for the 50 head. Anton says they'll go to San Francisco. Anton's dream was farming, but they are all watchmakers etc.

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