Season 6 Episode 31

Incident of the Peyote Cup

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

An Indian girl, Maga, warns Hey Soos to leave. Four Indians take his horse and club him. They take him to their Shaman, Pala, who forces him to drink peyote juice. The girl tries to stop them, saying he will destroy you all. The new drover Mr. Brothers gets a ration of whiskey. The girl takes Hey Soos back to the drive. He is out of his head. Brothers dumps his bottle. Brothers has been looking for this small secretive band of Indians. Hey Soos and Brothers find the tribe. Brothers walks into the camp. Hey Soos clubs the guard. Brothers won't leave, the girl will. Brothers struggles with Hey Soos and Muno and the girl's grandfather is wounded. Maga says a sickness decimated the tribe. The tribe listens to strangers after they drink peyote juice for spiritual messages. Then crucify them thinking it will bring their dead ancestors back. Brothers was a missionary. He bullied and blackmailed this tribe to convert them, saying the sickness was from his angry god, for not converting. Pala wants to give Hey Soos peyote again. Muno tells Maga it must end. Hey Soos kicks the peyote out of Pala's hands. Pala says kill Hey Soos, Brothers and Maga to bring back our dead. They hang the three up. A storm frightens the Indians. Hey Soos tells Brothers to talk to the Indians. He says he is the one who brought you the story of the cross. Pall kills Brothers and heads for Maga. Muno shoots Pala.

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