Season 3 Episode 18

Incident of the Running Iron

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mushy thinks Frank Miller, a herd cutter, is a rustler. Miller's missing a few that should be cut out. Rowdy sent Quince to get strays. Frank says you better send an extra men to look for him. Quince chases a guy off who was branding a steer. Four guys ride in and are ready to hang Quince. Rowdy stops it but the deputy takes Quince in. Frank has a spread and a 19 year old boy, Andy. A delegation from town led by the sheriff says they're going to check the herd. Favor says they're going to have to flush out the rustler. The sheriff checks the herd and apologizes. Rowdy shows Favor where the branding iron was. They try tracking the rustler but lose the tracks. Favor wants to check with Lt. Hill at Fort Hawk, about how much beef they've been buying. Favor asks to see the records. Hill refuses. Rowdy tells Favor he's lying. Some one take a shot at Rowdy out in the hills. They find a dozen circle A steers penned up. It's Frank brand. Favor brings the townies to see the steers with the blotched brands. They're gone. Favor sends Rowdy to the herd to bring every available man. Favor says Andy is a likely suspect. The sheriff gives Favor an hour. Frank asks Andy if he has anything to say. Andy says he hates it here, he's going back to St. Louis. Favor and Rowdy check the tannery. Lt. Hill's inside talking to the owner, Grant. They find blotched brands, circle A over rafter D. Andy see Rowdy come out of the tanner's yard. He tells Favor to clear out. Andy calls for Grant and Hill. Favor shoots Hill. Grant tries to throw Gil in the lime pit. Andy tries to jump Favor. He's warned and ducks. Andy jumps into the pit