Season 2 Episode 4

Incident of the Shambling Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy sees a man, Harry Whitman, shadow boxing. He punches Rowdy and Favor. Favor hits him with the butt of his gun. Rose his daughter-in-law comes up. Harry was the champion of England and Ireland. Favor and Rowdy take Rose and Harry back to their ranch. Harry's son died six months ago. While Favor ties up her team, she's in the barn getting Harry riled up, calling him a coward. Harry gets up punching. Rowdy pours water on him. Rose has thought about committing Harry. She worked at the Crystal Palace in Abilene. Marshall Lou Thompson opposes commitment. The judge asks Harry questions, and rules against commitment. Lou throws Rowdy and Favor out of town. They took Rose's side. Favor buys three wagon wheels and takes them to the camp. Then he and Rowdy return to town. Dave, the marshall's brother, rides out to Rose's to apologize for Lou and the town. Rose tells Dave Harry can be made to act crazy. Rose and Dave hatch a plan. Dave goes up into the hills to find Harry. Dave takes him to town. Dave locks him up until he can prove he can fight. Dave gets Harry riled up, but Harry trips and wants to go home. Dave tears up Harry's picture of his son. Harry slugs Dave, who dies from a broken neck. Rowdy and Favor ride in and are arrested. An eyewitness says it was Harry. Favor and Rowdy head out to Rose's. Harry breaks a window to get at Rose. She lets Rowdy in. Rose tells Harry Rowdy made her do it. Favor and the townies get into the house. The townies won't help Lou lynch Harry. Lou turns in his badge. Rose tries to rile Harry in front of the townies. Harry tells Rose it was you and Dave that taunted me. He says he will go away. Rose whispers something to Harry. He crushes the life out of her, then says take me to the place you wanted to take me.