Season 6 Episode 20

Incident of the Swindler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

A handcuffed man, Straw Coleman, tries to steal a horse. Favor and Quince catch him. Wish and Straw knew each other. He tells Wish there is a thirteen year old $5000 reward on him. Wish protests he didn't do it. Wish offers Straw money for a lawyer. He wants a gun, a horse and the pleasure of Wish's company. Wish takes Straw at gunpoint. Favor and Mushy follow. Straw takes Wish's gun. In a flashback to New Orleans Wish plays poker for an invitation to Loreen Bouquet. Wish pushes a drunk, Samson, away from Loreen. Later Samson barges in on Wish and Loreen. He and Wish struggle over a gun. Loreen is shot. Straw suggests Wish leave town. Wish gives Straw $3000, so Loreen can have the best. Back to the present. Straw's partner. Loreen, has the bank money at Caribou relay station. Loreen is married to Straw and was even before New Orleans. Straw hired the actor Samson. Straw shoots around Wish. Straw shoots at Wish. Loreen jumps in front and is killed. Favor and Mushy ride up. Favor shoots Straw

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