Season 2 Episode 6

Incident of the Thirteenth Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Wish has a toothache. He and Rowdy ride into Blanton to see Gene Matson surgeon, dentist and undertaker. Wish and Rowdy get impounded for the jury of the murder trial of Matson. He is accused of killing Sean O'Riordan, the indian agent. Nate the cafe owner changes his story from Gene and Sean arguing, to a loud discussion. The sheriff and marshall can't find witness Mrs. Ann O'Riordan. 432 people in Blanton and no one wanted to serve on the jury. Nate heard Gene threaten to kill Sean and rose out right after him. Someone is passing information on how the deliberations are going to Matson. A rock thrown through the window says vote not guilty or you are twelve dead men. Wish halds out for guily. At lunch break Wish is led into a trap. Rowdy is told and helps but both are beaten up by the sheriff. The vote is guilty 11-1. Rowdy says they put somebody on the jury they're sure of. Wish suggests to hold an open vote. It's Ellis. He says you all treated me like nothing. He used to be marshall. His son Jimmy died defending him. Ellis votes guilty. Matson's man gets the judge to have each juror rise and state his vote. Ellis is last. He votes not guilty. Then he takes the sheriff's gun and kills Gene. Wish says I should have known he was guilty. There was gold in that tooth he extracted and he kept it.