Season 2 Episode 10

Incident of the Valley in Shadow

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the only time John Cole is credited with the role of Houk, a bounty hunter, 72 other appearances he was known as Bailey, and twice he played Indians, for a total of 75 Rawhide appearances.

    • This was the first of 93 episodes with William R. Thompkins. In the first 46 he was simply referred to as a drover, the last 47 he was credited as 'Toothless'.

  • Quotes

    • Gil Favor: There's money in beef, but it doesn't come easy. There's a market for all the steers you can raise. But it's a thousand miles away. You get top prices only for top cattle. Pushin' the herd up the trail is only half the job. You've gotta get in there in good shape. It takes tough men workin' long hours for low wages, starin' trouble in the face at every bend in the trail. I'm one of 'em. Gil Favor, trail boss.

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