Season 1 Episode 4

Incident of the Widowed Dove

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

The men get a day off in Tascosa Junction. Sheriff Sid Lindstrom's wife, Clovis, was a dance hall girl. Clovis is trying to sell a cameo to get money to leave Sid. She picks Rowdy's pocket. Clovis came west to be a teacher. She needs $50 to get back east. Favor's crew wrecks the bar. Billy is killed. Rowdy quits to get his money. Rowdy wants to fight Favor. Favor pummels him. Sid is told Rowdy is looking for Clovis. Rowdy tells Favor Clovis is none of his business. Claggert asks Sid to let Clovis leave. Poke tells Rowdy where Clovis is. Clovis tells Rowdy not to help. Favor has Rowdy arrested for "stealing a horse". Favor tells Clovis to get out of town. Clovis tells Favor she's Sid's wife. Rowdy tells Sid the crew will verify he didn't steal the horse. Rowdy and Sid head out. Claggert follows, then Favor finds Clovis. Sid asks Rowdy what's between him and Clovis. Sid is going to shoot him for resisting arrest. Favor distracts Sid. Rowdy jumps Sid. Sid subdues Rowdy. Sid shoots Claggert and draws on Favor. Favor plugs him. Favor tells Rowdy you were right, she's a good woman.