Season 3 Episode 16

Incident on the Road Back

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1961 on CBS

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  • The gang dressed up again

    I am starting to wonder if the drovers being in formal wear is not a permanent foreshadowing of bad times ahead in the episode. Just kidding though.

    At the beginning of the episode is a particularly humorous exchange between the drovers and wishbone while awaiting Mr. Favor to return from Philadelphia concerning their hungry and empty bellies and options of food.

    In a unrelated subplot Mushy while on vacation spends considerable time with a teacher learning to read and the jokes suggest that the poor man is in bad shape with Mushy as companion but later on we are surprised by the arrival of a very attractive female teacher whom Mushy has had the pleasure of spending time with and romancing.

    Another note worthy exchange occurs when Mr Favor arrives and find out the drovers have all lost their horses and Gil suggest they rob the train for its delivery of horses little do the drovers know but Favor has ordered 50 horses and already paid for them but in true unity Wishbone, Rowdy and the others join in to "rob" the train! Very funny stuff.

    This episode placed Gil Favor in the hangman's cross-hairs as a suspected horse thief but no worries by the end as usual we have a conclusion where Favor is vindicated as not guilty.

    Another great episode with a good story and a level of acting we have come to expected from the cast. Keep watching and enjoying this classic show.