Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1965 on CBS

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  • A 71 year old drover is discharged,and finds that his lack of literacy and adventure of fortune works against him.

    Josh Breden is a 71 year old drover who is not as efficient
    as he once was. He is even easily riled, and when two
    drovers challenge him to "dog"(bulldog)a bull, he does so,
    much to the chagrin of Gil Favor, who then discharges him
    for playing around. Josh says he quits,he won't be fired.
    Gil apologizes,but Josh will have none of his apologies.
    He and Mush go to the general store/post office, where Josh gets a letter from an old drover named Bigger Seaton. He gets his address and goes to the rooming house that Bigger is staying at. To his heartache, Bigger is old and senile.
    The spread of land he mentioned in the letter was grazed
    to dust 30 years ago---Bigger is remembering things that
    happened then. Choked up, Josh can't tell the lady owner
    to tell him that he paid for him to stay on.Gil gets
    word that a flash flood washed out a trussel bridge and
    there will be no train.Gil then decides that he'll drive
    the herd over to Cooper Wells. Josh fails to land a job
    with Mr.Pine counting cattle because he can't read or
    write,and fails to get a job as a drover with Mr.Pox.
    He challenges Gil Favor to a gunfight,but Gil won't draw.
    Josh then faints.He is revived in the store and Josh
    reconciles with Gil.Josh is then hired on the tote wagon.
    Painful to watch,but a good episode.