Season 7 Episode 17

Moment in the Sun

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Merle gets $5 from Reed McCulley to bail his brother out, for planting. Reed is a Robin Hoodesque outlaw. Mara, Reed's girl, sees Sheriff Shaw arrest Reed. Bringing in Reed is going to take Shaw out of the bush. Shaw and a gagged Reed ride with the drive. Lindsey, Reed's kid brother and a bunch of farmers come after Reed. Lindsey looks but can't find him in the camp. Favor asks Shaw why didn't you tell me he's Reed. Reed says you're surrounded by a 100 rifles. Favor sends Rowdy to Silver Springs to get Sheriff John Blair and a posse. Rowdy is captured by the farmers. Mara calls Lindsey a looney kid and gets slapped. Mara tells Rowdy she loves Reed. She says in Denver he'd have a chance. She gets Rowdy a horse. He jumps the guard and takes his gun. Favor asks Reed if there is another way out of the canyon. There isn't. Reed says if Shaw doesn't kill, him Lindsey will. The farmers bring Favor to Lindsey. Favor tells Lindsey to send the farmers home. He refuses. Favor, Shaw and Reed get in the middle of the herd and make a run for it. Shaw stampedes the herd. Lindsey kills Shaw. Rowdy arrives with the posse. Lindsey skedaddles.