Season 7 Episode 26

Mrs. Harmon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rowdy is hiring drovers in Silver Creek. He doesn't hire Fred Harmon because he lies about his drinking and being in prison. Wish is tired of trail cooking. Wish catches Billy Harmon stealing a bag of flour. Mrs. Harmon was beaten by Fred. Wish has Billy and his two brothers reluctantly prepare food. Wish buys toys and overalls for the boys with the supply money. The next morning Rowdy's looking for Wish. Mrs. Harmon tells Wish thanks but no need to return. Wish tells Rowdy he quits. Rowdy tells him he owes $87 he paid for supplies. Fred returns drunk. He doesn't remember beating her. He apologizes. He sees a toy Wish bought and the new clothes. At the hotel Wish is cooking at, Fred's beating Wish to within an inch of his like. Mrs. Harmon shoots her husband. Charlie Peg, the hotel clerk, sees it. Wish tells him I did it and don't forget it. She lost the bracelet Wish gave her at the hotel. Peg wants $100 to get out of town to keep quiet. Fred is sent home from the doctor's. He asks his wife do you want to leave. Wish comes in. She says she married on September 2,1862 at Sensible, Ohio, had three children and been married ten years to you and always will be. Wish says that's the way it ought to be and leaves. Wish takes over checking the supplies for the drive.