Season 7 Episode 22

Prairie Fire

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mushy is droving and Hey Soos is cooking. Wish is off burying Tod Murdoch, his friend whose 500 head he will be taking to tie up with Favor at Horsehead Crossing. Wish says he'll go ahead and they can catch up, but Tod's foreman, Jerry and two ranch hands Milt and Pitts, don't want Wish out of their sight as long as he has the ownership paper to the cattle. They plan on stealing the herd. While alone, Wish shoots a hole in a bucket. On the back of the paper he prints, "Leaks don't put water in". A prairie fire causes Favor to detour. Jerry and the two men tear the wagon apart looking for the paper. They make Wish write a letter to Favor saying he will not be joining up with him. The lead steer goes bad and is butchered. They beat Wish half to death. They try allowing Wish to sneak out to lead them to the paper. Wish appeals to Jerry's sense of decency. Favor has to convince the new lead steer to move. Milt delivers Wish's note to Hey Soos. The note starts "Gil" and ends "regards G.W. Wishbone. Rowdy knows something is wrong. He lights out and Hey Soos follows. Hey Soos jumps Pitts and Milt clunks him. Favor is driving the herd through the fire. Rowdy shoots Milt. Pitts puts a gun to Wish's head. Jerry shoots Pitts. Wish tells Jerry the other two made Jerry do it. Rowdy gets to ride drag for leaving and not telling Favor.

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