Season 7 Episode 23


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Major Cantwell receives $32,500 for payroll for the fort for six months. He puts it in the strongbox in his desk. He is ready to retire. Favor delivers cattle. A sergeant cuts Kaster loose from the wheel he's been tied to as punishment for drinking. He is drummed out of the army. Kaster salutes the major and addresses him as colonel. Cantwell was demoted for irregularities of records. A charge he says was unfounded. Kaster asks Favor for a job. Favor says no, but that he'll give him a ride to the train. Kaster sees Cantwell give Favor a package to mail. Captain Whaley arrives to replace Cantwell who's insulted to be replaced by a green captain who served under him. The captain tells Cantwell he's been vindicated and restored to colonel and is going to be promoted to brigadier general. Cantwell goes after Favor. Kaster keeps his eye on the package. He steals it and splits. Cantwell comes for the package. It's gone, he's upset. Kaster opens the package and sees the money. Cantwell and Favor go after Kaster. Cantwell is going to say Favor stole the money. Kaster wounds Cantwell. Favor wants to get Cantwell to a doctor. He says not without the money. Cantwell was a southerner who stayed with the union and lost everything including his wife. Favor goes into the box canyon after Kaster. Favor tells him he just wants the money. Favor gets the drop on him. He says he thought the package was booze. Kaster jumps Favor and knocks him out. Cantwell shoots Kaster as he exits the canyon. Cantwell gets the money. He and Favor put the money in the strongbox. Cantwell gives Favor the general shoulder boards, saying he always pays for what he's done wrong. Cantwell turns the post records and strongbox over to Whaley and dies.