Rawhide - Season 2

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Incident of the Day of the Dead
    Rowdy goes to town to pick up the mail for the men and stops a runaway horse. Luisa, a rancher, sees it and tries to get Rowdy to come and work for her.
  • Incident of the Roman Candles
    Pete and Quince find young Davey Colby who says Indians killed his father and grandfather and carried off his mother. He is trying to reach his uncle in Eberle. Favor doubts his story. He hasn't heard of any Indians in the neighborhood. The Kimble County Sheriff tells Favor, there are no Colbys in Eberle and no Indians within 100 miles. Favor tells Pete some kids just find it easier to lie. Davey says he ran away from home to find his father, a bounty hunter. Favor tells Pete to take him home to his mother. After a couple of unsuccessful escape attempts, they ride up to Davey's home. The door is locked. Davey knocks. A woman answers and says she's never seen Davey before in her life. Pete says he understands and turns to leave. He gets a rifle leveled at him. Inside is Bodie whose knee was shot by Davey's father Sam. Bodie, Mooney and Harv are lying in wait for Sam to return home.moreless
  • Incident at Dangerfield Dip
    A badly wounded woman arrives at their camp and a short time later dies. Gil and Rowdy come across her baby while out searching for strays. Along comes a cowboy who claims to be the baby's father.
  • Incident of the Shambling Man
    Favor and Rowdy are unwitting dupes to Rose Whitman's plan to get her expugilist father-in-law committed. Rose gets Harry riled up by calling him a coward and having him recall his last fight. The townsfolk like Harry and he's on his best behavior in front of the judge. He's not committed. The brother of the Marshall who cleaned up the town, comes to Rose with a plan to get Harry riled up in front on the townsfolk.moreless
  • Incident at Jacob's Well
    Drought stricken farmers ask Gil for some horses. Gil tells them he can't spare any and one of the farmers decides to steal some horses.
  • Incident of the Thirteenth Man
    Wish has a toothache. He and Rowdy ride into Blanton to see Gene Matson surgeon, dentist and undertaker. Wish and Rowdy get impounded for the jury of the murder trial of Matson. He is accused of killing Sean O'Riordan, the indian agent.
  • Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse
    Gil stops to talk to the Walsh's to get information on the best place to take the herd across the river. Wes Thomas and his gang arrives and takes all three of them hostage.
  • Incident of the Haunted Hills
    The herd has been without water for a while and the men are getting desperate. The only one who knows where they can find water is Tasunka, an Indian working as a drover. The only problem is the water is located in Indian country and these Indians aren't being very friendly.moreless
  • Incident of the Stalking Death
    Favor wounds an oversized puma that killed a steer. The wounded puma kills the nine year-old son of Marguerite Colinas. She blames Favor. Ben Teague wants to marry Marguerite. Ben, Favor and Wish go after the puma. Ben sees Favor as competition for Marguerite. Favor has to keep one eye out for the puma and the other for Ben.moreless
  • Incident of the Valley in Shadow
    Pete has been gone two days. Rowdy has been out looking for him. Pete returns and says there is 80 to 100 Cheyenne ahead. Pete jumps Dagget, a man Favor hired Pete says he's a bounty hunter. Another bounty hunter teams up with Dagget. He shows him an $8000 reward for Nancy Curtis a girl captured by the Indians. Someone posts the reward poster on the chuck wagon. Favor checks on twelve missing steers. He meets Manso, Cheyenne chief whose come to pay for them. Manso leaves and is captured by Dagget. Favor has him released. Favor takes an arrow in the shoulder. He is taken to Manso's camp. There is blonde haired, fair skin Winoka. She shows Favor a locket with "NC" on it. Favor is determined to return her to her birth family. Manso says she is Cheyenne now.moreless
  • Incident of the Blue Fire
    A storm with lightning is making the herd nervous. The blue fire of St. Elmo appears on the horns of the steers. Hey Soos says if a stranger should appear, he stops and blesses himself, death will follow. A stranger, Lucky Markley rides in. A clap of thunder and the herd stampedes. Rowdy turns the herd. Lucky says he has thirty some head to sell. Favor says he can't use any scrub cattle, but he'll look at them. Favor says no. Lucky says there is about two dozen Commanches around. Hey Soos says Lucky is the devil. A brave kills a steer the demands Lucky's horse. The Commanches line the ridge. A young buck comes out to talk. He wants the killer of his brother, ten steers, sugar, rifles and tobacco. Lucky offers Favor to leave. He was killed in a stampede. Hey Soos pulls a knife on Lucky. Collins takes over the fight. Rowdy tells Lucky to get out.moreless
  • Incident at Spanish Rock
    Rowdy and Gil come across a group of Mexican soldiers. The soldiers claim that Frank Volaro, one of the hands, is the son of a revolutionary leader and demand that he be handed over to them.
  • Incident of the Druid's Curse
    Professor Lismore and his daughter Mave have come to Texas from Boston to look for rumored Druid stones. Favor tells Jim Lark, who tried to force his intentions on Mave, to draw his pay in the morning. Lark and two other drovers hear the Professor speak figuratively about the value of finding the stones. The three draw their pay. They kidnap the Professor and Mave. They go about trying to force the Professor to disclose the location of the "treasure".moreless
  • Incident at Red River Station
    Favor, Rowdy and drover Lou Paris find themselves in the middle of a smallpox epidemic in Red River Station. The town's doctor wants to vaccinate the populous. The barber/dentist relies on acifidity bags, leeches and herb tea. Favor tries unsuccessfully to get vaccine from the army.
  • Incident of the Devil and His Due

    Favor goes on trial for murder while the wranglers search for the real culprits---an outlaw band on the lam after robbing a stagecoach.

  • Incident of the Wanted Painter

    A guerrilla leader, a hotheaded marshal and an artist are key figures in this tale of misunderstandings and murder.

  • Incident at Tinker's Dam

    The drovers hold a mock funeral for Wishbone's wounded twin brother to deceive his Indian pursuers.

  • Incident of the Night Horse

    Favor clashes with his old enemy Jed Carst, a crude, illiterate man obsessed with capturing a wild stallion.

  • Incident of the Sharpshooter

    A posse gives up looking for two outlaws, Vance and his partner. They come upon the body of a lawyer ambushed by Indians. Vance decides to pose as Jonathan Williams, attorney at law.

  • Incident of the Dust Flower

    An Easterner and his daughter are heading West when they have an accident. Pete Nolan and some friends help them out and they go on. Later, the girl mysteriously disappears.

  • Incident at Sulphur Creek

    After horse thieves hit the herd, the drive is at a standstill while Pete Nolan scouts for replacements.

  • Incident of the Champagne Bottles

    The drovers try to keep as much distance as possible between the herd and a wagon load of nitroglycerin.

  • Incident of the Stargazer

    Pete Nolan attempts to take an astronomer's wife back home to an observatory in the middle of nowhere. When they arrive they are met by an Indian woman and a man who claims he is the astronomer.

  • Incident of the Dancing Death

    When a horse stolen from the drovers is found next to the body of Gypsy prince, the Gypsies accuse the drovers of murder.

  • Incident of the Arana Sacar

    A man called Pagan talks the drovers into visiting a nearby trading post for liquor. When they return, the herd is gone.

  • Incident of the Deserter

    Wishbone has grown tired of all the jokes about his cooking. He leaves the cattle drive for romance and to start a restaurant.

  • Incident of the One Hundred Amulets

    Hey Soos's mother Rosa is branded a witch, and blamed for the lack of rain and an eclipse.

  • Incident of the Murder Steer

    A series of murders occur after four men join the cattle drive. The murders all have one thing in common - a steer appears after each death with the word "murder" branded on it.

  • Incident of the Music Maker

    Anton Zwahlen is burying his wife Freida. He asks to travel with the herd for a couple of days. He offers to clean and oil everyone's guns and instead sabotages them by filing down all the firing pins. Part of a plan by Anton's relatives to rustle the cattle.

  • Incident of the Silent Web

    Jeannie watches from a distance as John Taggert kills her father Henry and leaves. An ex-con comes and takes Henry's clothes and catches Jeannie. He passes himself off as Henry and his little girl, Carie who doesn't speak.

  • Incident of the Last Chance

    A pair of newlyweds from Boston joins the cattle drive after their wagon is washed away in a flash flood.

  • Incident of the Garden of Eden

    Rowdy is sent to buy some cattle to replace those lost during the drive. He finds some but they are owned by an Englishman, Sir Richard Ashley, who doesn't want to sell them. Ashley's daughter however, promises to work out a deal.