Rawhide - Season 7

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Gray Rock Hotel
    The Gray Rock Hotel
    Episode 30

    Favor brings five of his men, sick from either food or water, into a ghost town to the Gray Rock Hotel. Lottie was on the way to Fort McCloud when her horse went lame. Favor asks Lottie to help care for the five. Favor sends Quince to Gold Ridge for a doctor. Four guys are looking for Lottie. She tries to create dissension among the drovers. Lottie tells Favor she is on the run. Mushy defends Lottie from Marty's advances. Quince falls off his horse. The four find him. Lottie asks Favor to teach her to use a gun.

  • El Hombre Bravo
    El Hombre Bravo
    Episode 29

    Favor and Mushy are driving six prize bulls toward the American border in Mexico. A band of Mexicans tell Favor they are looking for El Hombre Bravo. General Velasquez's men rope a drive steer and search the wagons for El Hombre Bravo. Favor and Mushy meet Pajarito, a school teacher and eight orphans heading to a mission north of the border. Pajarito wrote pamphlets for the revolutionaries and signed them El Hombre Bravo.

  • The Spanish Camp
    The Spanish Camp
    Episode 28

    The spring that feeds a creek, has been dammed by Dr. John Merritt and his friend Phinn Harper and their men. They are looking for the remains of a 200 year old Spanish expedition, and their treasure chest. Merritt has three to four months to live and has nothing to leave his wife and kids. He quit practicing medicine, but is teaching Phinn. The cattle need the water.

  • The Calf Women
    The Calf Women
    Episode 27

    Emma Teall and her sister Betsy are following the herd. Ryan and his forty buffalo hunters won't let the herd through to needed grazing, until he pens the buffalo up. Rowdy gives him three days. Wish tells Mushy to take two calves and kill them. Emma relieves Mushy of the calves. He says there may be three more later. Wish reports the milk cows are gone. They followed the calves to Emma's camp. The drovers tip over her wagon. Emma fires a warning shot. Billy Wallace, a buffalo hunter, calls on Betsy and gets rough with a protesting Emma.

  • Mrs. Harmon
    Mrs. Harmon
    Episode 26

    Wish is tired of trail cooking. He quits the drive and befriends a mother and her three boys. She is married to an abusive drunk, Fred Harmon who beats her. At the hotel, Fred tries to beat Wish to within an inch of his life. Mrs. Harmon shoots her husband. Wish takes the blame. Charlie Peg the hotel clerk knows the Mrs. did it and blackmails Wish.

  • The Last Order
    The Last Order
    Episode 25

    Rowdy's ex-commanding officer, Jeff McKeever, is part of a band of confederates not willing to admit the war is over. They have stolen $50,000. Wish shoots one of them in the holdup, Decker. Decker stumbles into Favor's camp with the strongbox and dies. McKeever posing as a deputy sheriff along with Jim Newton come for the money. Wish recognizes McKeever as one of the robbers. Newton escapes. The rebel leader Colonel Reed, poisons steers, shoots one of Favor's men, poisons the water hole, stampedes the herd with blasting powder, and captures Hey Soos in an attempt to get Favor to give up the money and McKeever.

  • The Empty Sleeve
    The Empty Sleeve
    Episode 24

    Tom Cowan lost an arm in the war. He had a friend in the hospital write his wife, Jenny, that he died. Tom reluctantly returns to his hometown when the herd needs salt. Sam Butler, the banker, made a deal with Tom when he was caught robbing the bank. Tom enlisted under Sam's son's name, Will. Tom is shot by the sheriff and brought into town. Sam wants him snuck out. Will tells Jenny the whole story.

  • Retreat
    Episode 23

    Major Cantwell can't wait to retire from the army. He was demoted from colonel for "irregularities in records". He says the charge was unfounded. He steals the $32,000 camp payroll and wraps it in a package. He asks Favor to mail it for him. Kaster, the major's aid, drummed out for drinking, sees Favor take the package. Cantwell's replacement arrives and says his demotion was reversed and he's being promoted to brigadier general. He goes after Favor and the package. Kaster steals the package from Favor's saddle bag.

  • Prairie Fire
    Prairie Fire
    Episode 22

    Wish buries Tod Murdoch, his friend, whose 500 head he is to take to tie up with Favor's herd at Horsehead Crossing. Tod's foreman, Jerry and Milt and Pitts plan to steal the cattle once they get the ownership paper from Wish. Wish has hidden it plain sight. He won't tell where and they try to beat it out of him.

  • The Winter Soldier
    The Winter Soldier
    Episode 21

    Favor and Pete recommend to Kurtz, who has been traveling with the herd with his daughter, a shortcut to the San Luis Crossing. Lt. Whitley gets a message to warn the ranchers of Comanches. Winter soldier, Hap Johnson deserts. He trades his army gear for cheap Indian trading goods at Watson's. He asks Watson what Wish's name is. Hap strides into camp telling Wish he is his old friend from Nachodoches. Favor won't hire Hap. Hap has overheard Kurtz has money. He rides after them and takes them on a "shortcut" up into the hills. The lieutenant arrests Watson, Favor and Hey Soos for having army goods. Rowdy and Quince go after Hap. They find him with Kurtz. Rowdy sends Quince to get the army and the drover.

  • The Violent Land
    The Violent Land
    Episode 20

    Mace and Gorman, the new drovers, have more than cows on their minds. Mace shows Favor a reward poster for $10,000 for a white girl captured by the Apaches. Rowdy visits the grave of his sister who was killed by the Indians. Rowdy refuses to sell twelve head to Yuma, the Apache chief.

  • Blood Harvest
    Blood Harvest
    Episode 19

    Clete Bonner and his grandson Will, posing as Jonas and Duke Williams, join the drive, to see if Will's Dad, Adam, is suitable to take Will. Adam, known as Cable now, is scheming with two others to steal 1500 head and sell to the army.

  • Texas Fever
    Texas Fever
    Episode 18

    Pete returns to scout for the herd, but is soon arrested for rustling. Gil and Rowdy try to clear him,  but the real culprit may be an old friend of Gil's.

  • Moment in the Sun
    Moment in the Sun
    Episode 17

    Sheriff Royal K. Shaw plans are making a name for himself by delivering popular Robin Hoodesque outlaw, Reed McClulley. He ties up with the herd. Reed's little brother rallies the farmers to free Reed.

  • A Time for Waiting
    A Time for Waiting
    Episode 16

    On his way to Fort Mason, Rowdy is chased by Indians. Rowdy testified against Captain George Ballinger at his trial, even though they are friends. He asks Rowdy to stay until he is hung.

  • Josh
    Episode 15

    Seventy year old Josh Breeden's pride won't let him admit he's too old to be a drover. He blames Favor for all his problems.

  • The Book
    The Book
    Episode 14

    Pop Stark promotes gunfights for profit. Billy his latest boy just lost. Carl Hatcher loaned Pop money. His brothers are coming to collect. Pop arranges a gunfight between Rowdy and Austin Ware, a professional gunfighter.

  • The Meeting
    The Meeting
    Episode 13

    Favor and another trail boss are forced to go to meet Rian Powers. Powers has assembled a group of outlaws. He has a plan to take over the beef industry, by scaring off legitimate buyers so the trail bosses must sell to his men at low prices.

  • No Dogs or Drovers
    No Dogs or Drovers
    Episode 12

    Gil Favor's cattlemen arrive at a town after a long, hard cattle drive and find that the town isn't receptive to cattle drivers.

  • The Photographer
    The Photographer
    Episode 11

    A photographer leads an unsuspecting Rowdy into a den of thieves.

  • Corporal Dasovik
    Corporal Dasovik
    Episode 10

    An inexperienced corporal is put in command of a patrol escorting Ute Indians to a reservation. When the corporal's men shoot four cows from the herd, they wound Gil and bring him along.

  • The Backshooter
    The Backshooter
    Episode 9

    Sam Jefferson aids Rowdy after his horse takes a spill. Sam is a wanted man. He asks Rowdy to turn him in and give the $5000 to his wife.

  • Damon's Road (2)
    Damon's Road (2)
    Episode 8

    Damon has Favor's crew believing the railroad is the future. Favor escapes and goes to his crew, who want to be railroaders. Favor gets Quince to send a false telegram that Damon's payroll arrived a week ago. Favor tells Damon's old crew. They go for a showdown with Damon.

  • Damon's Road (1)
    Damon's Road (1)
    Episode 7

    Jonathan Damon is building the C&L Railroad. His crew has quit due to lack of pay. The store says no more credit. Goldie, his girl, and the three girls in her act are leaving. He needs to dig up 20 men. Favor shows up with 2400 cattle and 28 men. Damon tricks the drovers into signing work contracts and having Favor arrested for abducting Goldie.

  • Canliss
    Episode 6

    Gurd Canliss, an aging hired gun, has Don Miguel as his next target. Gurd's wife Augusta and Favor try to stop it.

  • A Man Called Mushy
    A Man Called Mushy
    Episode 5

    Mushy is swindled out of the wagons and the remuda. He is fired, kidnapped by gypsies, sold into slavery and rescued by his new girlfriend.

  • The Lost Herd
    The Lost Herd
    Episode 4

    Favor loses the whole herd except nine, taking a shortcut thru Devil's Patch Quilt trying to beat another herd in. He must face Mr. Teisner of the cattleman's association.

  • Piney
    Episode 3

    A cattle baron has lost everything and has filed bankruptcy. He decides to get the money he needs to rebuild his ranch by stealing money from the bank.

  • The Enormous Fist
    The Enormous Fist
    Episode 2

    When Fred Grant slugs Favor he hits him back. Fred falls, hitting his head against a fencepost, and dies. There is an inquest. Favor has to deal with the widow and her three kids.

  • The Race
    The Race
    Episode 1

    Rowdy quits and gets his own herd and races Favor to the railhead.