Season 7 Episode 9

The Backshooter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sam Jefferson aids Rowdy after his horse takes a spill. Sam is wanted for stealing $20,000 from Wells Fargo when he was an agent. He asks Rowdy to turn him in and give the $5000 reward to his wife. Sam is shot in the back, by a gunman on a horse who rides off. Rowdy takes his body to the Lick County Sheriff. The sheriff notifies Mr. Tasker the Wells Fargo agent. He says he has to wire Denver to get authorization to pay the reward. In the bar Tasker tells everyone Sam was shot in the back. Sam's gang, Jack Clete and the Adams brothers want Rowdy dead. The sheriff offers to take care of them for $2500. Rowdy declines. Wish comes into town. Rowdy wants him to get the whole crew. Wish says he's staying. Clete and the boys ride in. Rowdy searches for Mrs. Jefferson. Sam is getting buried, while Tasker and Rowdy wait for the wire. It comes. Tasker makes Rowdy count the $5000 in twenty dollar gold pieces, and sign a receipt. With some coaxing Rowdy gets the livery man to tell who Sam's wife is, Tasker's daughter. He had the marriage annulled. Rowdy pulls a gun on Tasker in the bar, and makes him count the money. The bartender gets the sheriff. Rowdy tells Tasker his daughter says he framed Sam, she didn't, but he believes it.. Tasker runs out just as Clete and the boys arrive from the funeral. Tasker goes home and straps on a gun. His daughter tells him you killed him didn't you. Clete and Rowdy wrestle. Tasker's ready to shoot Rowdy. Rowdy tells Clete, Tasker shot Sam. Sam's wife sends the sheriff who shoots Tasker. The sheriff gives the money back to Wells Fargo.

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