Season 7 Episode 27

The Calf Women

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Plain Emma Teall and her sister good looking Betsy are following the herd. Ryan and his forty buffalo hunters won't let the herd through to needed grazing, until he pens the buffalo up. Rowdy gives him three days. Wish tells Mushy to take two calves and kill them. Emma relieves Mushy of the calves. He says there may be three more later. Wish reports the milk cows are gone. They followed the calves to Emma's camp. The drovers tip over her wagon. Emma fires a warning shot. The Tealls use the supply wagon until theirs is fixed. Billy Wallace, a buffalo hunter, calls on Betsy and gets rough with a protesting Emma. Rowdy slugs him. Emma says she's going to send Betsy back east. Rowdy asks Emma what's going to happen to you then. While Emma is gone, Billy comes and wants to show Betsy the buffalo hunt. Emma returns to see him dragging her off, and kills him. Jay is sent to return Billy's body. Ryan's ready to let the herd through. Billy's brother Cole protests and goes to find who shot him. Emma says she did it. Cole thinks she trying to protest Rowdy. Rowdy tells Ryan the herd is coming through. Emma goes to Rowdy to say goodbye. They kiss. Rowdy is going to come back to her at the end of the drive. Emma sees someone up on the hill. She runs to Rowdy and is shot in the back. Rowdy is at her bedside when she dies. Rowdy goes after the killer. Cole's waiting for him. Cole shoots Rowdy in the shoulder. Rowdy plugs him. Ryan tells Rowdy to bring the herd through on the west side of the plateau. Rowdy sends Betsy back east. Rowdy visits Emma's grave.