Season 4 Episode 29

The Devil and the Deep Blue

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor wants to fatten the herd for a week. Another herd is three to five days behind. The trail boss is Ben Wade and all the drovers are old. Charlie Holt, owners' representative, comes onto Helen Wade, and vice versa. Two of Wade's cattle have Texas Tick. Holt wants to kill and bury them. Wade won't hide it. Holt has Reagan, the ramrod, take the two to mix in with Favor's. Wade tries to stop them. Holt kills him. Ben tells Helen to ask Favor to take the herd. He agrees. Holt asks for a cook. Mushy is elected. Sheriff Blake brings Dr. Miller to inspect the herd. Miller spots the two infected steers. Wade's herd is ready to move. Favor sends Clay to get the vet to inspect Wade's herd. Wade's herd reaches Abilene first. Favor's drovers quit. Holt's going to steal the rancher's money. Holt tells Helen he killed Ben. Helen shoots Holt. Helen tells Favor Holt and her put the infected steers in his herd. She gives him the rancher's money. The sheriff arrests Helen. The railroad workers need beef. Favor will get the best price. Favor's drovers return.