Season 7 Episode 24

The Empty Sleeve

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The drive turns off the trail three days to water at the Waco river. The beeves won't drink the water. Rowdy goes for the vet. One armed Tom Bryan asks for a job and a cigarette. He rolls a cigarette before Favor can. He lassoes Quince and punches him to prove he can fight and rope. Wish goes for salt. The sack has a hole in it. A bunch of steers surround Wish. Tom saves him. Rowdy says the vet told him the beeves need salt. Cowan reluctantly says there's a salt mine in Murtry about thirty miles. The mine is locked. They go to the bank that owns the mine. Tom married Jenny in Murtry ten years ago. He lost his arm to a miniball at Vicksburg. He had a friend write Jenny and say he was dead. Pete sends Tom back to the herd. Tom meets the sheriff who wants his gun. Tom knocks him off his horse and rides off. The sheriff shoots him and takes him to the doctor's. Sam Butler, the banker, offers Tom more money. They had a deal. Tom asks Butler to get him out of here. Sam told the sheriff to let Tom go on a bank robber charge ten years ago. Sam tells Pete, get the wounded Tom out of town or no salt. Sam's son, Will overhears. Will's married to Jenny. Will tells Jenny Tom's in town. Tom passes out. Pete tells Sam that Cowan's not at the doc's. Sam says find him or no salt. Jenny took Tom home. Tom robbed the the bank for honeymoon money. Jenny says both her marriages were shams. Sam made Tom enlist in Will's name. Tom goes to Sam to clear things up. He leaves. Sam sends his two gunmen, Wade and Ralston, after him. Will follows. He goes into the mine to talk to Tom where he's holed up. He knocks Tom out and changes clothes with him. He tells the unconscious Tom, you have no idea what I owe you has been dragging me down. Will exits and is shot by Wade and Ralston. The sheriff shoots Wade. Sam asks Cowan if he is going to tell the truth. He says no. Sam says then I'll have to tell it myself. Tom tells Jenny it took ten years to get over losing his arm, it will take a while for this to heal. He leaves.

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