Season 7 Episode 2

The Enormous Fist

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor is filling out his crew. After he's full up, Fred Grant demands a job. He slugs Favor. Favor slugs him. Fred falls against a post, hits his head, and dies. Favor takes $50 to his widow, Dolly. Her seventeen year old stepson, Adam, doesn't want anything from him. Favor says he acted in self-defense. Adam wants to kill him. Dolly tells Adam Favor has to take care of them. Adam gives the $50 back. Favor offers Adam a job. Favor buys clothes for Dolly and her two other stepchildren. The townies ride Adam for Dolly shining up to Favor. The owners are losing patience waiting for the inquest, delaying the departure of the 4500 head. Wish tells Favor he's walking into a trap a mile wide. Dolly asks Gil to take her and the kids with him. She goes to a saloon for a job. Favor gives the storekeeper, Charlie $100, four months salary, to hire Dolly. The owners want the bills of sale back. At the inquest, the death is ruled accidental. Favor still gets the herd. Adam wants Favor to draw. Favor says go ahead. He doesn't. Favor picks Dolly up and throws her over his shoulder. He carries her to Charlie's.

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