Season 7 Episode 30

The Gray Rock Hotel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor brings five of his men, sick from either food or water, into a ghost town to the Gray Rock Hotel. Lottie was on the way to Fort McCloud when her horse went lame. Favor asks Lottie to help care for the five. Favor sends Quince to Gold Ridge for a doctor. Four guys are looking for Lottie. She tries to create dissension among the drovers. Lottie tells Favor she is on the run. Mushy defends Lottie from Marty's advances. Quince falls off his horse. The four find him. Lottie asks Favor to teach her to use a gun. Lottie is widowed. Her husband, Hale, found Lottie with Marty. She shot her husband by accident. Lottie gives Marty Brown something to make him sweat, then opens the window to the blowing cold air. Favor finds him and closes the window. Lottie smothers Marty Brown. Rowdy and Wish say they will fight for Lottie. Mushy finds Marty dead. Three of the four arrive, Favor wants to talk. Lottie shoots one. Brown told Mushy Lottie was going to kill him. Lottie says she killed Hale and Marty. She picks up a gun, runs outside and is killed.