Season 7 Episode 25

The Last Order

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Wish and Mushy are disarmed at a stage stop. Five men steal the strongbox. Wish grabs a rifle and wings one, Sergeant Decker. Decker stumbles into Favor's camp with the strongbox, containing $50,000, and dies. The deputy sheriff of Carson County, Jeff McKeever, and Jim Newton come for the money. Favor is ready to give them the money, until Wish says they're two of the outlaws. Newton escapes. McKeever, a Confederate lieutenant and Rowdy's ex-commanding officer, says the money was raised for the South. Pete finds four dead steers and a note from Colonel Reed saying men are next, unless Favor gives him McKeever and the money. A drover is shot, and a flaming arrow hits the supply wagon. A drover quits. They reach Salt Lick Spring. It's been poisoned. The next water is Cactus Creek three days away. The herd is stampeded with blasting powder. Quince tells Favor the men are through. Rowdy and Wish convince them to stay. Reed's men capture Hey Soos. All want to let McKeever and the money go, except Favor. McKeever gets Rowdy to let him go with the money on his word Hey Soos will be freed. McKeever and Rowdy go to Reed. Reed won't release Hey Soos. Favor replaced the money with sand. Favor fires Rowdy. Favor and Pete are ready to take the money to Reed. Rowdy reminds them only he knows where he is. Favor leaves Pete and the money a half hour from Reed. Reed won't deal. He's going to execute Rowdy. McKeever refuses to assemble a firing squad. Reed wounds McKeever. Favor kills Reed. McKeever says he's in charge now and asks the men to disband. McKeever tells Rowdy I gave my word of honor, I meant it. He dies.