Season 4 Episode 13

The Long Count

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jess Cain tells Rowdy and Pete this is all private range. Jess locks them up. The owner Martha Hastings gets Favor to check their story. She says the herd can graze in the valley. Hastings helps outlaws escape. Favor won't turn a census taker, Martin Gidwell, over to Cain. Gidwell tells Wish he's quitting. Gidwell reports to Marshall Clay Forrester about Hastings' place. Clay wants to hire Rowdy, Pete and Wish as census takers. Favor says no. Clay says he has to count the herd before they can be moved. Favor says OK to the three taking census. Clay wants the three to go out to Hastings' with him. Hastings apologizes for how Gidwell was treated. She invites Clay out to inspect. Clay muses, she only has a couple hundred head of cattle how does she make this place pay. Clay tells Favor Rowdy went to get even with Cain. Clay tells Favor, she is hiding outlaws. Clay gets the drop on three outlaws. She shows Clay, Cain has a gun on Rowdy. Clay tells Favor to let the three through. Hey Soos got the sheriff who killed two, the third surrendered. Favor shoots Cain when he draws.