Season 8 Episode 9

The Pursuit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

While filling his canteen at a waterhole, Jed is shot at repeatedly but gets away. Jed thought it was a Comanche. The drive is going to detour due to a reported Comanche raiding party. The sniper that shot at Jed sneaks outside the camp. Rowdy's checking the night guards. Rowdy and Wish catch the sniper. He's Federal Marshal Hanson Dickson. Dickson says Colby is James Carothers, wanted dead or alive for murder in Missouri. Dickson will wait for Jed in camp. Rowdy warns Jed. Jed says he used the name Carothers once, and he was cleared of the murder. Dickson is a hanging marshal. Jed says he has to go on the run. Dickson says there's new evidence. Dickson arrests Rowdy for warning Jed. Dickson takes Rowdy to the Short Creek Sheriff. Simon rides along. A locked up Rowdy ask the Sheriff, isn't unusual for a Missouri marshal to be all the way out here for one man. Dickson didn't show the sheriff a wanted poster. Rowdy tells Simon to get the herd moving through Antelope Valley. Jed finds a wagon burned. A dying man says the Comanches are headed to Antelope Valley. Wish says he won't leave Rowdy behind. Jed warns the drive of the Comanches. Jed asks where's Rowdy. Jed says this fight is between Dickson and me. Jed rides in and gives himself up. Jed tells the sheriff Yates didn't help him. Rowdy's released. Jed is locked up. Rowdy tells Dickson he wants to see the wanted poster. He won't show it. Rowdy asks the sheriff if he's ever made a mistake. Rowdy says Dickson is possessed to be proven right. The sheriff suggests telegraphing Missouri. Simon and Quince see Dickson take Jed out of jail. They follow Dickson. Missouri answers, Carothers cleared, no new evidence, Dickson retired. Rowdy and the sheriff are told Dickson left with Jed. Dickson never failed to bring in a man. Dickson is going to make him sign a confession. Dickson fires at Quince. Jed escapes. Dickson fires. Rowdy and the sheriff kill him.