Season 7 Episode 1

The Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

After an argument, in Yellow Fork, with Favor, Rowdy quits. Curt Matheson has 3000 head for Favor to move the day after tomorrow. The new ramrod is Quince. George Lockwood has 3300 head to move. Favor recommends Rowdy. Rowdy gets a crew together and hires Wish. Rowdy says he can beat Favor to the railhead. Rowdy tells Lockwood he's in charge on the trail. Rowdy has a plan to pass Favor at Duncan Canyon. Wish objects. Rowdy's herd closes in on Favor's. Rowdy tells Favor he plans on beating him in. Favor is going to spread his herd out so Rowdy's can't pass. Rowdy moves his in the middle of the night and gets to the canyon first. Rowdy rescues Luke after he falls off his horse into the cattle. Rowdy's drovers think he's crazy. Weed, Rowdy's ramrod, tells Rowdy to quit this race. Rowdy slugs him. Then they mix it up. Rowdy is going to tell Favor the whole thing is off. Luke tells him don't call the race off cuz of me. Rowdy takes Luke to Diablo for doctoring. He sends some telegrams. Rowdy takes the high pass with no water. Favor takes the longer lower pass with water. The dust is just about to stampede Rowdy's herd. Then it rains. The telegrams were checking on the weather. Rowdy gets recommended for another herd. The rain Rowdy was telegraphed about petered out. Favor congratulates Rowdy. Wish and Weed won't go on the new drive. Rowdy tells Favor beating him was a fluke. Rowdy says he's not ready for another herd. He wants to come back to work for Favor.

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