Season 7 Episode 28

The Spanish Camp

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The bottom is falling out of cattle prices. They head toward Ellsworth. The creek has dried up. Favor and Pete investigate. A band of gunmen have closed the pass and dammed up the spring that feeds the creek. Favor and Pete get the drop on them. Dr. Joseph Merritt and his men are digging up skeletons of a 200 year old Spanish expedition. Phinn Harper, Joe's friend gets the drop on Pete. Joe is looking for a chest of valuables. The drovers want a cut of the booty. Favor expects Phinn to try to stampede the herd, to give the excavators more time. Favor puts everyone on guard. Phinn spooks Wish's horse. He breaks his leg. Phinn says Joe can fix Wish's leg. Joe had quit practicing medicine. Joe sets the leg. Joe's six Mexican workers don't want to die fighting the drovers. Joe has three to four months to live. He wants the treasure to leave his wife and kids something. The herd is coming. Joe's men find the chest. It's all ashes and a book. Phinn has already gone to explode powder to stampede the herd. Scarlet sees the fuse. Phinn saves him from being blown up. The herd's too thirsty to stampede. Joe is going to take Phinn's advice and return to spend his remaining time with his wife and kids, and continuing to teach Phinn medicine.