Season 8 Episode 12

The Testing Post

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lt. Walker rides up and requisitions one hundred of Rowdy's best cattle, offering only a paper form as payment. Rowdy refuses. Walker pulls a gun. Rowdy wings him. Walker reports to Captain Masters. They take a patrol of six and head for the herd. Rowdy rides out to meet them. Walker shoots him. Masters has Rowdy tied over his horse. Simon sees the patrol and reports back. Masters takes Rowdy into the camp, and wants the 100 head. Jed submits. Rowdy goes forty miles to Fort Broxton to get payment. The Major says he's cavalry, this is an engineer's requisition. He says they should've paid you in gold. Rowdy goes to see Masters and Walker. They're not there. He waits. He's warned not to look in the tents. Rowdy notices a soldier has a side arm tied down and asks if that is regulation. Rowdy is caught looking in a tent. He's tied up. They've got Jed too. They concluded these aren't real soldiers. It's the Joseph and Karl Denner gang that robbed the supply train. Joseph says he is going to hold Rowdy and Jed for summary courts martial and impound the herd. Rowdy and Jed free themselves. The Denners with their men and a cannon head for the herd. Rowdy and Jed escape. The cannon is positioned overlooking the camp. Joseph wants the whole herd. He signals for a cannon volley. Rowdy and Jed rush the cannon crew. The drovers fire on the "soldiers". Jed kills Joseph. Rowdy kills Karl.