Season 7 Episode 20

The Violent Land

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Pete reports Apaches ahead. Pete slugs Mace, says he is a comanchero. Mace shows Favor a reward poster for Abbey Conroy. Mace asks Favor for help rescuing her from the Indians, but Favor refuses. Rowdy visits the grave of his older sister. She was killed by Apaches. Yuma, the Apache chief, tells Rowdy he wants to buy twelve head, but Rowdy refuses. Mace and Gorman try to beat the location of Abby out of Yuma. Rowdy tells them to get back to the herd. Rowdy tells Yuma to keep a couple of steers. Rowdy is shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Yuma kills the brave who shot him. Mace tells Favor, Rowdy has been taken by the Apaches. Favor fires Mace and Gorman for not helping Rowdy. Yuma tells Favor, Rowdy is all right. Abby, Apache name Fanah, tends to Rowdy. Rowdy tries to jog Abby's memory. Abby shows Rowdy a locket with "AC" on it. Abby says ten other whites are in the village. Rowdy wants to take Abby to her white family, but she doesn't want to go.  Rowdy goes back to get eight men. When they return the Indians are gone. Abby is at the drive, she wants to go to her white family. The eight want their share of the reward. Yuma comes for Fanah. She tells him she wants to stay with the whites. In the morning she is gone. Mace and Gorman have her. Scarlett tells Favor that Mace looks at her lasciviously. Yuma summons his braves. Rowdy goes to Yuma for help to find Fanah. Mace is ready to shoot Rowdy. Pecos shoots Mace. Yuma lets the rest go. Fanah says tell my family, I'm thinking of them, but don't tell them where I am. Yuma sends Fanah back and says he will send the rest later. Favor leaves Yuma ten good head.