Season 7 Episode 20

The Violent Land

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates take the cattle through Apache land, wary of Indian activity.

    Gil Favor takes his cattle through Apache land. Rowdy is
    very uncomfortable with this, knowing that Apaches do their hunting here. Pete tells Gil about Indian activity.
    Pete sees an Indian-looking man in the outfit and gets
    into a fight with him. Pete explains to Gil that he's a
    dirty Comanchero. Mace counters no, that he's looking for
    some white women captured by Apaches and that there is a
    reward for these captured women. In the morning they find
    some of their cattle gone. Rowdy goes scouting, happens
    upon an Apache chief, Yuma. He tells Yuma he can't keep the
    cattle. Yuma agrees to bring them back. He gets captured by
    Mace's men and Mace interrogates with force where Abbie
    Conroy is. Rowdy rescues Yuma and tells Mace and Gorman to
    get their hides back to the herd, they're drovers. But
    Rowdy gets hit with an arrow in the shoulder and is too
    weak to return to the herd. Mace and Gorman get back to
    the herd and upon telling Gil about Rowdy, they are fired.
    Rowdy, recovering from his wounds, meets a girl named
    Fanah. She's white and can understand English. He asks her
    if she has any trinkets she had when she was little. She
    gets a necklace that says AC---and there's no doubt about it, she is Abbie Conroy. Yuma has a conflict with Rowdy who explains that Fanah cannot stay here. Eventually
    Fanah has to choose who she will stay with. Yuma does not
    want to give up Fanah, who gets captured by Mace and Gorman
    with others. The others turn against the two,seeing how
    Mace is very ambitious. With Yuma, Rowdy rescues Fanah,
    but Yuma has a change in heart and allows Fanah to go with
    Gil Favor and his men. A very ordinary episode with little that is interesting.