Season 7 Episode 21

The Winter Soldier

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Favor and Pete recommend to Kurtz, who has been riding along with the herd, a shortcut to the San Luis river. Lieutenant J. T. Whitley gets a message to warn ranchers of Comanches on the warpath. Winter soldier Hap Johnson goes over the hill. Watson trades cheap Indian trading goods to Hap for his uniform and rifle. Hap asks Watson Wish's name. He's in getting supplies. Hap strides into camp telling Wish he's his old friend from Nacogdoches. Hap asks Favor for a job but Favor says no. Wish realizes he doesn't know Hap. The army arrests Watson, who tells where Hap is. Favor figures Hap is a deserter and tells him to get out of camp. The lieutenant finds an army horse and blanket and arrests Favor and Hey Soos. Hap rides into Kurtz's camp. Hap tells him Favor wants him to know about a shortcut. Rowdy and Quince track them and find Comanche tracks. Rowdy sends Quince to get the patrol and the drovers. Hap thinks Kurtz is rich. Rowdy reaches Kurtz's camp at night. Approaching carefully. Kurtz clunks him. Kurtz brings Rowdy near the fire and sees who he is. Hap rides off. He sees two Indians and comes back. Kurtz asks Rowdy to kill his daughter Ellie if there is no chance. Rowdy and Hap kill two Indians. In the morning the Indians turn away. The army has arrived. Hap tries to ride off. Rowdy stops him. He says you can be more than a winter soldier. Hap says he'll roll on. He tells Kurtz to tell the Lieutenant the drovers had nothing to do with those army goods.

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