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  • Season 1 Episode 6: Incident of the Power and...

  • This episode contains one of the greatest "teases" in TV westerns. Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood have fallen into the hands of Indians who are outraged that one of their tribe has recently been tied to a wagon and given 15 lashes by a local rancher. We now see Fleming and Eastwood with their wrists tied around side-by-side tree trunks. They've been stripped of their shirts and their broad, suntanned backs are well positioned to receive a merciless lashing. An Indian chief takes a whip and gives it three practice swings, its cracking sound ominously hinting at the pain soon to be inflicted on the two white men. And then, at literally the very last second, an Indian ally of Fleming and Eastwood arrives to save their skins. Fleming and Eastwood are cut free. They turn to face the camera and thus give viewers a good look at their bare chests, (Fleming has a hairy one), but this can't quite compensate for the feeling that a dramatic bit of action has been promised and then not delivered.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Incident at Alabaster Plain

  • Texas to Sedalia, Missouri 1000 miles, they do 8 miles a day. Favor introduces Scarlet as swing, Quince as flank and he rides point.

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