Season 8 Episode 7

Vasquez Woman

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Colonel Emilio Vasquez, backed by his fourteen man army,"buys" 200 head from Quince, Jed and Simon with worthless pesos. Jed goes to Guadalupe to see if they have any value. Baker the gringo who runs the town says they're just paper. The colonel's wife, Maria, was left behind and is in the bar. Emilio sneaks in to free Maria. He kills Baker, but doesn't get Maria. Jed and Maria are locked up in a shed. Jed overpowers the guards. Jed and Maria ride off, but their escape is reported to Emilio. Maria thanks Jed for letting her spend the night and is on her horse to leave when they hear a bugle. Jed tells Maria to dismount and take cover. Jed asks if anyone wants to leave before the fight. Emilio rides out under a white flag. He demands his wife within one hour. Jed wants the $400 for the cattle. Emilio says he will stampede the herd. Wish tells Jed Maria doesn't want to go back. Jed asks Maria. She married Emilio to save her father's life. They kiss. Quince says it will be a tough fight. Maria rides out. Jed catches her. Maria tells Jed Emilio is worse than you think but I love him. Jed says you make a poor liar. Kiss. Emilio gets the drop on them. He orders Luis to shoot Jed. Jed wrestles with Luis. Emilio is ready to shoot Jed. Maria shoots Emilio. His army, heads for the border. Maria will go back to the convent where she will be safe from the Federales. Jed drops the 40,000 pesos on Emilio's grave.