Season 8 Episode 4

Walk into Terror

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

While checking out a mine a bear attacks Quince. Simon kills it but causes a cave-in. The new guy Ed says he's found blasting gel and guncotton. Rowdy gets his men. Jed finds a cross vent and talks to Simon. Wish tells Simon how to stop Jim's bleeding. The digging efforts cause more cave-ins. Ed says he and his friend Jerry, who is dimwitted, will blow the cave-in for $500 for the two of them. Exiting the miner's shack with the juice, they meet the miner holding a rifle on them. Rowdy buys the gel and a broken down wagon for $50. Wish pumps air in with a bellows. A snake spooks the horse pulling the wagon with the blasting gel and runs off. Jerry runs off too, but returns. Jerry lets it slip that he and Ed are on the run. A rope snaps and the jug nearly hits the ground. Jerry cautions Jed not to make Ed mad. A wheel falls off. Ed wants more money, slugs Rowdy and sics Jerry on Rowdy. Jed has Ed call Jerry off by threatening to break his arm. Ed kicks Jerry and calls him looney but says they did it. At the shaft Rowdy volunteers to swing the gel, the most dangerous job. Jerry tells Ed he's had a dream of Ed calling him no good. Jerry says I never killed any one, till I met you. Ed bolts. Jerry throws the jug at Jerry. Boom. The explosion frees Simon and Quince.

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