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AIRED ON 9/27/2015

Season 3 : Episode 12

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Ray Donovan is a fixer for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Ray, though, is a fixer who is broken with a troubled Irish family he can't quite escape.


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    Both shows will be back for Season 4 next year.


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    • Just Finished Season 1

      I have to say I completely disagree with people criticizing the accents in this show. My parents were from Boston and moved to California. This is how people born in Boston but living in California speak. The accent tends to fade in and out. Sometimes it is very pronounced. Other times, it is practically non-existent. I find most of the accents on the show to be very close to the way I would hear my parents speak growing up. The actors aren't depicting a pure Boston accent. It is a Boston/California accent and it is extremely accurate.moreless
    • Just Started Season 1

      And came on to to see if others found the wife and daughter as horribly miscast as I do. I watched the kid in Brothers & Sisters when she was little and she was fine for that show, but she I'm having a hard time getting past her acting on this show. In real life, she's obviously a smart, privileged good girl, trying to play a mouthy, hip teen, but she's failing miserably. The casting director for this show needs a lesson from the casting director for Game of Thrones (but that's a different conversation). Also - the mom is HORRIBLY miscast as well even more so than the daughter. She's an okay actress but her accent is awful and she is just not right for this part. It's not believable to me and I find it quite distracting. She doesn't look or act like someone I would expect to be Ray's wife. Also the daughter doesn't seem like she came from those two parents. I wish they would kill of the wife. The daughter has potential to improve with some coaching and a make over. I've seen photos of her not from the show, and I wonder if the people on the show are trying to make her look as lame as possible. Finally - Ray Donovan is the man. I'm a huge Liev Schreiber fan now! Never cared for John Voight before, but I'm also a new fan of his! I will continue to watch the show bc some of the characters are so strong, but I really wish they would do something about the wife and daughter. Very distracting.moreless
    • Am I too old for this site?

      First let me say I am a real addict. I watch almost everything even all this kids stuff like Arrow, Flash, those generic police shows and even those ridiculous stupid an boring zombie shows.

      But very rarely I stumble over real quality televison. Quality televesion that isn't even mentioned here, which is I guess because mainly some adolescents claim themselves to be "critics" and write stupid useless reviews about stupid useless shows most of the time.

      And then you have those gems of tv shows like Ray Donovan. Clever, exciting, immaculate actors down to the tiniest role. No wonder imdb gives it a 8,5.

    • Bridget i

      Bridget is annoying. Like she wants to be disruptive and so annoying and her friend is a bigger joke,

      Listen katie Holmes is totally missed cast. She is offensive when she kees going after ray donavan. Her braces are offensive. Get rid of her she is a terribke actor and very noticeable here becsuse everyone here are great actors incl the kids
    • Gobsmacked

      Episode 12, the ending. Just sat there and could not say anything for a while. This show is amazing, Bridget is irritating as hell, but that is what a naive and self centered teen is by definition.

      Thank you Showtime for giving us a series that actually evoke emotions and do not dumb down the viewer.

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