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Ray Donovan is a fixer for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Ray, though, is a fixer who is broken with a troubled Irish family he can't quite escape.

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  • Ok Show

    The show isn't bad, but isn't great either. Some good concepts, but I can't get over the horrid Boston accents and how butt ugly and annoying the wife and daughter are.

    It's somewhat of a slow burner. Finished season one, doubt I will jump into season 2
  • awesome show

    i really like this show, ray donovans character is awesome. the show itself is pretty damn good to.
  • Like graduating last in your class, but from Harvard!

    The biggest problem with RD is that it's just good enough to be compared to shows that are so good RD is like Gilligan's Island in the comparison. People rate it against The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc. , and it just can't compete. Not that it's a bad show but c'mon - The Sopranos? Uh uh. The two things I really knock the show for are I know he's got a mostly illegal occupation fixing things for the rich and famous while having a very troubled family life he is worse at fixing. Got that. But how about showing his actual job some times? He seems to do only one per season, and he can barely tear himself from personal crap to do that. His wife! She's supposed to be some street smart girl Ray came up from the bad parts of Boston with yet she comes off as a naive idiot. Ray started as a low level criminal. His dad's a con and con man, one brother is a punchy ex boxer and the other is an emotionally stunted, hyper neurotic basket case. Their sister jumped off a building. Yet, somehow Ray, who has no official skill or education, drives a new Mercedes, wears 3000dollar suits and they live in a mini mansion and never want for anything. And still, somehow, his petulant wife is horrified to discover Ray is involved with illegal activities? Boy, she's sure got a lot of street smarts. We all know the classic mob wife character, who knows exactly what's going on but never admits or discusses it. Not this one. She thinks he makes a high six-figure salary as some kind of paralegal for the two bigshot lawyers he works for. Jon Voit was great, for a while, but he's a one season character at best. Also, notice how neither 'street savvy' mom nor her two spoiled rich kids picks up any creepy vibes from grandpa. The kids never knew anything but that he was a bank robber doing prison time, but when he says "Here's grandpa" peppered with some really shady jokes and comments, nobody bats an eye at jumping into his arms.

    Not a bad show but nowhere near the league of shows it is compared to.

  • Ray of sunshine Donovan

    a great neo noir show, with outstanding performances and a concrete story with beginning, climax and closure!

    Brilliant sample of good TV! Simply Exceptional!

  • Please stop comparing this show favourably to The Sopranos

    The Sopranos was dark and bleak but bleak is only sustainable if it contains some light moments and this show has no light moments. The calibre of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad can be compared, but Ray Donovan (the show) isn't even close.

    The lead character is interesting and he's a good actor but he's wasted in this show. I just don't find it compelling enough to keep watching.

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    Ray Donovan: Katie Holmes Makes Her Debut in the New Trailer for Season 3 (VIDEO)

    I don't think we're in Capeside anymore, Dawson.

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    • Ray's mother?
      Just love this show and think the characters are just evolving. The couple at the end of episode 6, is that Ray's mother?
    • Bag or the Bat
      The first 20 minutes was fantastic then - when they introduced his family wife - exgirlfreind & father ruined everything. Why do ...

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