Ray Donovan

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AIRED ON 9/22/2013

Season 1 : Episode 12

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A guy is a fixer for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Ray, though, is a fixer who is broken with a troubled Irish family he can't quite escape.

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  • WOW..............

    One of the best series I have seen. Kept me glued to screen from episode 1 to end! I love Ray's character - how he hides his inner self and how much he loves his family even without really showing it. He's a friend, brother, husband and even father you would trust to stand in the gap for you come rain or sunshine. Abby is an excellent actress whose body language says more than her words. With just the movement of her eyes, ears, lips, shoulders and hands she expresses what could have required a tonne of words and hours of cast! I think Mick a genius, just when you think he's getting all predictable he u-turns and acts in a way you never would have imagined. Bunchy's role though seemingly dull portrays profound character of an abused childhood. For a 40 year old to act 10 ish requires a great deal of skill. The same goes for his brother who has to continuously shake his hand, voice and walk in imitation of a Parkinson's diseased person.moreless
  • Perfection

    I believe that this series "Ray Donovan" is just excellent. 10.00 out of 10.00. But the last episode was so incredibly revealing,well written, well directed, the acting was sublime. The scene when Ray confronts his father in the Gym was EMMY WORTHY. This last episode from beginning to end gets a rating of 14.5. I think this series was so good, I find myself torn regarding this series' second season: Although I want to see it, I don't see how they can match season 1,which was TELEVISION PERFECTIONmoreless
  • Not exactly

    I found the last two episodes revealing. Sure Ray locks up his emotions and doesn't share or want to appear to be vulnerable to anyone. Ray has a lot of anger, the revelation of his abuse and Mickey's past neglect of his family only fuels the rage. Ray feels guilt at not being able to prevent what happened to Bunchy and dealt with his own abuse by shutting down emotionally,punctuated by periods of emotional volatility. He drinks to try to suppress the uncomfortable emotions that he does not know how to deal with. Ray seems to be in depression and heading down the road to an emotional meltdown.

    Mickey doesn't give up either, he is determined to stay in his children's lives whether they want him or not.

    This whole family needs to be in therapy.moreless
  • best new show

    IMO, this is some of the best writing and acting I've seen on TV in awhile. Ray is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you'd better listen. Demonstrates real control and restraint on the writers and actors, not to overplay. Great cast, great performances. If Jon Voight does not win something for his portrayal of Micky, we live in a cruel world.
  • this didnt get picked up for another season , did it?

    saw the final episode. Ray's father is an unpredictable character, great. Ray is boring, always moody. This guy makes a ton of money but never laughs. This character is too depressing. The rest of his brothers are dull as well. His kids are butt ugly. Many of the scenarios in this show are not realistic. I watched the whole season but doesnt compare to Dexter first few seasons. They need to wake up the main character, have some fun at least with it. The guy is depressing as sh$t. The wife is ugly, annoying voice. Why not have here killed off next season and then he goes single which would open up so many interesting ideas to keep the show going. Oh, and also get rid of the daughter, wow. that is one ugly kid.moreless

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      Just love this show and think the characters are just evolving. The couple at the end of episode 6, is that Ray's mother?
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