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Sep 11, 2015
Actress Roberta Bassin Gets Grilled on Ray Donovan

Just as life seems to be heading into a ‘happy family’ moment for everyone’s favorite professional fixer finds himself in turmoil once again on Ray Donovan.

Actress ROBERTA BASSIN joins in the action for the most recent episode “The Octopus,” and finds herself getting grilled by Ray himself.

To find out more, I caught up with Roberta Bassin.

Q: What can you tell us about your appearance on HBO’s Ray Donovan?

ROBERTA: It was that magical interaction between actors; an honesty, a truth, so connected that it is the ultimate ride that takes an actor into the character's world au natural.

Q: How was it working on such a fan-favorite show?

ROBERTA: Just the mention of the title, "Ray Donovan" brings about an excited and enthusiastic response by my fans, friends and family. Industry people react with enormous respect and admiration for the show. People just love ...Read more
yes, virginia
Aug 11, 2015
Showtime Renews Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex For Fourth Seasons
Both shows will be back for Season 4 next year.
Jul 10, 2015
Totally Tubular July 9, 2015: Rectify, The Strain, Masters of Sex, and More (PODCAST)
Tim and Cory tackle a big slate of premieres, talk Syfy, and answer your Qs in the latest edition of the podcast.
early access
Jul 02, 2015
Watch the Season Premieres of Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex Online Before They Air (VIDEO)
The episodes are available via YouTube, SHO.com, and the Showtime Anytime app.
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Jun 18, 2015
Ray Donovan: Katie Holmes Makes Her Debut in the New Trailer for Season 3 (VIDEO)
I don't think we're in Capeside anymore, Dawson.
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Jun 03, 2015
Showtime Will Launch Its Own Standalone Streaming Service in July
Like HBO, the network is partnering with Apple, but additional platforms will be made available in the future.
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Mar 25, 2015
Showtime Sets Summer Premiere Dates for Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex
Both shows will return for their third seasons in July.
Dec 22, 2014
VIKINGS and Scandinavian History
I had just finished watching Vikings - Season 2, when an urge struck me. I wanted to know if some of the characters I had seen were indeed historical figures. I was a history major in school; therefore the interest. I was happily surprised to find that the show's creator - Michael Hirst, has provided some interesting tidbits from the complex history of both Great Britain and Scandinavia. I won't bore those who are not history fanatics with details, but thank You Mr. Hirst for interweaving truth and fiction.
yes, virginia, you get more episodes
Aug 20, 2014
Showtime Renews Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan
The network is keeping it's summertime Sunday-night lineup intact.
cleaning house
Jul 16, 2014
News Briefs: Saturday Night Live Fires Two More, Officially Loses Nasim Pedrad to Fox's Mulaney
Plus: The Strain gets off to a strong start, Spike TV wants another miniseries, and Person of Interest adds a sexy lady.
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