Ray Donovan

Season 1 Episode 10

Fite Nite

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Decision ,decision

    great episode ,just wonder when the wifey got so smart the only problem i had ,nobody adds it up so quickly

    Most people who lose their dad want to have kids(or more kids to keep the name alive),i like how they showed his struggle
  • Family Fight

    Fite night was a lot about the being a family. A dysfunctional one at that. Mickey is self centered and crass but still tries to ingratiate his way back into the life of his sons. Daryll is the only son of Mickey's who still has faith in him. Ray is trying hard, not to make the same mistakes his father did, but seems lost in trying to figure out how he should act as the man of the family. Mickey was surprised, I don't think he thought Ray hated him so much as to really want him dead. After escaping from Sully, he still went back to support his sons and make a point to let Ray know that it isn't going to be so easy to get Mickey out of his life. Then there is Abby, staring at Ray, knowing that something just isn't right and doesn't like being shut out by Ray.
  • mickey lives - series dies

    When I started watching this show I had no idea it was going to be the Jon Voight Show. What a mess. It was bad enough that supposed tough guy Ray can't just put one in the old man's head. You supposedly hate him? Beat him to death. No, Wait. Ray hasn't EVER killed anybody on this show. Then, tonight, after he goes all the way back to Southie just to get ANOTHER old washed up gangster to kill his old man for him..... OF COURSE.... He talks his way out of it?? I don't care WHAT some fool says when he just watched me kill and bury some blonde. What's that?? Very interesting. BOOM. BOOM. Two in the head. But this guy?? No. He LET"S HIM GO. The show BLOWS. I will NEVER WATCH THIS DREK AGAIN. Thank GOD for Low Winter Sun. A REAL show. Forget this one.