Ray Donovan

Season 2 Episode 5

Irish Spring

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2014 on Showtime

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  • Detention (Spoilers Ahead)

    Ray Donovan got into some good material this week as it seemed to close out part of its storyline with two unlikely folks working together and showing the Donovan marriage become increasingly strained with the season's events.

    Well in my last review I guess I was wrong, Cochran groping the higher-up's wife's breast wasn't simply a randomly aggressive incident, apparently Cochran (Hank Azaria) is sleeping with her. Ray manages to finally take Connor (four episodes later?) to apologize to the kid that he pushed down the stairs for mocking his supposed friendship with Tommy Wheeler. Conor says he shouldn't have done it but when the kid's father pushes him to say that he's sorry for doing it Conor refuses and they leave which opens them up to the lawsuit yet again. Mickey and Ray's stories converge in part because, with Cochran holding Mick as a material witness after last week, Ray comes up with the idea of spinning a story to Kate McPherson that will get her to go back to Boston to finish her book and leave that night on the docks alone. They all gather together in Cochran's office where they lie and say that Mickey was in Los Angeles to lure Sully there to kill him which was why he was there that night and was so secretive about covering it up. Cochran says she can't mention that he was working for the FBI in the book but he does commend Ray on his ability to spin the tale. Ray drives Kate to the airport and drops her off which seems to end her story from the looks of it leaving only Cochran for Ray to deal with. Why Mickey refuses to give up Ray eludes me after all that Ray put him through but the only guess I can fathom is that Mick wants to redeem himself in Ray's eyes after he said that he had been dead to him since he was ten and he laughed at him claiming to have been molested.

    Marvin takes Bridget to a party and gives her a diamond earring and we meet a mogul fresh out of jail named Cookie who gifted the earrings to Marvin in the first place. Marvin's mentor, trying to stay true to his word to Ray, tells Marvin to leave the party and to go study and give the earrings back to Cookie. Marvin will have none of it and blows him off.

    Abby has the most interesting week for a change, as her suffering in silence comes to an end and she deliberately tries to get her new cop friend to begin an affair with her. The new house acting as a metaphor for the promise of what Ray and Abby's relationship could be. When the mean neighbor comes over with another neighbor and wine as a peace offering since they didn't get along the first time they met they proceed to get drunk together. When they say that they know who her husband is and what he does for a living, claiming he is no better than "a common street thug," Abby lashes out and a call to her detective friend makes the charges go away. He admits he likes her but that he can't start anything with her in such a state and he would be taking advantage of her. As in Donovan women tradition, by the show's own doing, she sends a sext of her topless to her cop friend, thanking him for being a gentleman. Abby is getting some delightfully deep material this year which is a nice change to have her be more interesting than Ray is, who is just cleaning up the uninteresting Cochran's trash at this point. But the show seems to be in a bit of a slog content wise as none of the threads seem to be connecting while still delivering solid personal stories it would be nice if the show as a whole connected better like it did last season, but that might change.


    -So they give Bunchee a great arc just to not show him this week? Ok writers ok. Also no Terry or Daryl. Last season we focused so much more on them with the Donovan family as the focus which worked because in a way Bunchee and Terry are a lot more interesting than Ray is (in my opinion) but it was nice to see Mick being unwilling to rat Ray out to Cochran on criminal charges to prove Ray wrong about him despite having all the reasons in the world to not want to.

    -Could Abby's new cop friend become part of a "bring town Ray" taskforce in Season 3? My future sensors are tingling if the show gets renewed, or he'll at least admit that he knows who Ray is and what he does since even Truesdale housewives seem to be in on what Ray does for a living.