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  • Marathoning Ray Donovan and I DO Love it!

    I wondered why I never watched this show in spite of people recommending it. Well for one I already have so many shows I love I kinda didn't want another to add to the DVR :) So I'm almost halfway through season 4 and the quality remains excellent. I understand what is making some people not like it as much, Ray's character is changing. Right now he is Karaoking LOL

    By the way I do believe Abby knew all along he is a criminal, how could she not? I am sure most mob wives pretend just like she does. I think that Ray is having a crisis not so much of faith, but of guilt for things he has done. However when needed, that OLD Ray kicks right back in. How many times has he said 'I'm Gonna Effing KILL YOU' lmao That's the Ray we all know and love!

    My favorite brother is Terry, his acting is incredible. I was glad they didn't take his and Abby's brief attraction any further, I would have hated that. Jon Voight is amazing! He truly is a great actor, and I still remember seeing his debut performance in Midnight Cowboy. I like the character Abby, quite a bit actually. Conor is no longer being developed at this point it seems, maybe more to come. Daughter Bridget OMG What a little s+it!! Spoiled and over privileged, that is what I see there. I didn't like how Ray beat up the teacher who had resisted her BS for so long, and she had encouraged this poor guy over and over ad nauseum. THEN she didn't tell the truth about what happened!

    Overall I think it is a wonderful show and I love when pay channels make series like this, they are always more realistic. I watched Sopranos beginning to end and I don't get the feel that this is supposed to mirror that one bit. It is unique in its own right. The brother's past with the Priests is very touching and horrifying and Bunch's lifelong issues from being molested the way he was is incredibly sad and revealing for true life pain we know happens every day. I hope Ray Donovan has a long run!
  • A another fake hollywood tv series

    I do not know one Boston man that would ever stay with a woman cheating on him ! This is so make believed at least try to make it seem possible kids swearing at their parents and doing whatever they want from and Irish family in Boston who are u kidding !? The wife is so vulgar and talks like such a pig you don't marry women like that u screw them and marry the good girl that's real. I just started watching this recovering from back injury and I am up to season 2 episode 11 and to be honest I want to see Ray do well he is the only likable character and he is suppose to be the tough guy but in every fight scene he get's his ass whipped ?? This movie makes you cringe you honestly don't care if they kill off Rays wife because she is such a terrible mother and person the daughter is homely the son is okay but they can't make up their mind if he is straight or gay. They have characters who are suppose to be so dumb that they don't know that telling on a gangster will not get you killed really who in history has ever been that dumb ? They have the brother bunchy who because he was molested is now a pedophile come on that was jus tasteless and an insult to every abuse kid out there. The worse scene was the reporter having sex with Ray talking about he getting molested WTF what sane woman would ever do that only in Hollywood where the writers are either gay so it has to have lots of gay scenes or they are so stupid and unaware of the real world they make up stuff that would never happen to someone from southie I had to give it a 1 because that is the lowest it goes but Live Schreiber is and excellent actor and has a great presence maybe they will wake up and give him a good script.
  • Mom and daughter

    I really dislike the Donavan women! Ugh why are they so annoying?!
  • Hooked

    Great show.
  • Ray Donavan

    This is one of the fewest best shows on TV and Cable. I really love this show it is so diverse and has so many interesting stories within a story and its all pact and perfectly written. Please keep it coming and if you haven't seen this show you are missing greatness.
  • been along wait

    hope this season goes as well but with his dad getting less.
  • Might as well switch the name of the show from "Ray Donovan" to "Ray Donovan's Father"

    The first few episodes of this show were great. We saw a strong man with a well-situated business taking care of business. Then it became a show about a strong man taking care of his family with hardly any time for business. And finally, it became a show about Ray Donovan's father taking care of his business while Ray Donovan tries to mop up after him. All Ray has been doing lately is apologizing to everyone! As far as Bridgett goes, she's very selfish and bratty and Ray should turn her over his knee and give it to her good . . . it might shut her up for a while. As far as Conor goes, he's so weak that it's hard to believe he's Ray Donovan's son.
  • Just Finished Season 1

    I have to say I completely disagree with people criticizing the accents in this show. My parents were from Boston and moved to California. This is how people born in Boston but living in California speak. The accent tends to fade in and out. Sometimes it is very pronounced. Other times, it is practically non-existent. I find most of the accents on the show to be very close to the way I would hear my parents speak growing up. The actors aren't depicting a pure Boston accent. It is a Boston/California accent and it is extremely accurate.
  • Just Started Season 1

    And came on to to see if others found the wife and daughter as horribly miscast as I do. I watched the kid in Brothers & Sisters when she was little and she was fine for that show, but she I'm having a hard time getting past her acting on this show. In real life, she's obviously a smart, privileged good girl, trying to play a mouthy, hip teen, but she's failing miserably. The casting director for this show needs a lesson from the casting director for Game of Thrones (but that's a different conversation). Also - the mom is HORRIBLY miscast as well even more so than the daughter. She's an okay actress but her accent is awful and she is just not right for this part. It's not believable to me and I find it quite distracting. She doesn't look or act like someone I would expect to be Ray's wife. Also the daughter doesn't seem like she came from those two parents. I wish they would kill of the wife. The daughter has potential to improve with some coaching and a make over. I've seen photos of her not from the show, and I wonder if the people on the show are trying to make her look as lame as possible. Finally - Ray Donovan is the man. I'm a huge Liev Schreiber fan now! Never cared for John Voight before, but I'm also a new fan of his! I will continue to watch the show bc some of the characters are so strong, but I really wish they would do something about the wife and daughter. Very distracting.
  • Am I too old for this site?

    First let me say I am a real addict. I watch almost everything even all this kids stuff like Arrow, Flash, those generic police shows and even those ridiculous stupid an boring zombie shows.

    But very rarely I stumble over real quality televison. Quality televesion that isn't even mentioned here, which is I guess because mainly some adolescents claim themselves to be "critics" and write stupid useless reviews about stupid useless shows most of the time.

    And then you have those gems of tv shows like Ray Donovan. Clever, exciting, immaculate actors down to the tiniest role. No wonder imdb gives it a 8,5.

  • Bridget i

    Bridget is annoying. Like she wants to be disruptive and so annoying and her friend is a bigger joke,

    Listen katie Holmes is totally missed cast. She is offensive when she kees going after ray donavan. Her braces are offensive. Get rid of her she is a terribke actor and very noticeable here becsuse everyone here are great actors incl the kids
  • Gobsmacked

    Episode 12, the ending. Just sat there and could not say anything for a while. This show is amazing, Bridget is irritating as hell, but that is what a naive and self centered teen is by definition.

    Thank you Showtime for giving us a series that actually evoke emotions and do not dumb down the viewer.
  • I love this show!

    Not too crazy about Bridget and her stupid behaviour, but other than that I just find this show capitivating! Happy to see it get's another season :-)
  • A modern Michael Corleone

    I love how complex the character is. That he is in a business pretty much based upon the family he was born to , yet he has some standards and morals regarding things like murder and theft. A fixer who blackmails and threatens but still has a conscience , a family he loves, and a loyalty that many law abiding citizens could learn from. I love this guy and this story.
  • Someone has put a lot of love into this beautiful demon.

    Casting, acting, directing, soundtrack, cinematography all have been done with great skill, taste, love. Someone's put a lot of love into the beautiful demon that is Ray Donovan.
  • Gets Better and Better

    Like the Season Premiere, this episode continues to display the brilliance that is Ray Donovan. And someone, PLEASE, stop Mickey before he hurts himself! (lol)
  • Ok Show

    The show isn't bad, but isn't great either. Some good concepts, but I can't get over the horrid Boston accents and how butt ugly and annoying the wife and daughter are.

    It's somewhat of a slow burner. Finished season one, doubt I will jump into season 2
  • awesome show

    i really like this show, ray donovans character is awesome. the show itself is pretty damn good to.
  • Like graduating last in your class, but from Harvard!

    The biggest problem with RD is that it's just good enough to be compared to shows that are so good RD is like Gilligan's Island in the comparison. People rate it against The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc. , and it just can't compete. Not that it's a bad show but c'mon - The Sopranos? Uh uh. The two things I really knock the show for are I know he's got a mostly illegal occupation fixing things for the rich and famous while having a very troubled family life he is worse at fixing. Got that. But how about showing his actual job some times? He seems to do only one per season, and he can barely tear himself from personal crap to do that. His wife! She's supposed to be some street smart girl Ray came up from the bad parts of Boston with yet she comes off as a naive idiot. Ray started as a low level criminal. His dad's a con and con man, one brother is a punchy ex boxer and the other is an emotionally stunted, hyper neurotic basket case. Their sister jumped off a building. Yet, somehow Ray, who has no official skill or education, drives a new Mercedes, wears 3000dollar suits and they live in a mini mansion and never want for anything. And still, somehow, his petulant wife is horrified to discover Ray is involved with illegal activities? Boy, she's sure got a lot of street smarts. We all know the classic mob wife character, who knows exactly what's going on but never admits or discusses it. Not this one. She thinks he makes a high six-figure salary as some kind of paralegal for the two bigshot lawyers he works for. Jon Voit was great, for a while, but he's a one season character at best. Also, notice how neither 'street savvy' mom nor her two spoiled rich kids picks up any creepy vibes from grandpa. The kids never knew anything but that he was a bank robber doing prison time, but when he says "Here's grandpa" peppered with some really shady jokes and comments, nobody bats an eye at jumping into his arms.

    Not a bad show but nowhere near the league of shows it is compared to.

  • Ray of sunshine Donovan

    a great neo noir show, with outstanding performances and a concrete story with beginning, climax and closure!

    Brilliant sample of good TV! Simply Exceptional!

  • Please stop comparing this show favourably to The Sopranos

    The Sopranos was dark and bleak but bleak is only sustainable if it contains some light moments and this show has no light moments. The calibre of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad can be compared, but Ray Donovan (the show) isn't even close.

    The lead character is interesting and he's a good actor but he's wasted in this show. I just don't find it compelling enough to keep watching.
  • I Love Ray Donovan!

    I can't get enough of this series. This is the first series I have liked since The Sopranos. The casting of Liev and Jon superb. The writing outstanding. The twists and turns of each episode keeps me on the edge of my couch. Liev should get an award for his part - his deadpan expressions are fantastic. I cannot say enough good things. I just hope there is a 3rd season.
  • Great show and great characters

    This show is great, I love all the characters, some of the comments below are ridiculous, If they feel this strongly about the show, Don't watch it, You truly are not fans!!!!
  • Just a bad character script . . .

    I think the story in general is interesting and pretty decent for the genre it is, but the wife's accent comes and goes badly and just the entire characters of the wife and daughter are so fucking over privileged and 'the world is about me me me'. The son I think is decent, but the daughter how she talks and treats her fucking parents pisses me off so badly and either she was never raised right, never disciplined or something but she needs to her ass handed to her the moment she steps out of line with how she speaks to her parents more so in the latest episode. I don't at all see the wife as a victim either, I see her a whiny cry baby and Ray could do so better. I think for their story it honestly was he knocked her up on accident and had to marry her. . .
  • Ray's Wife unlikeable AND homely

    I feel ashamed to say that but especially with the Boston accent, it's strike 3 and can't like her. Worse than that is that I can't put her with someone like Ray. The daughter too but I am more nuetral about that character. Too many unlikeable characters is a deal breaker for me... good acting for all I knowand may be giving the director exactly what is asked for Unlikable characters just put the whole thing in the toilet for me. With the right personality, homely easily becomes lovable but homely AND over emotional? together that obnoxious boston accent? Ohh YUCK! I think a character has to be such that I can love them or else love to hate when they make you want to change the channel then someone messed anyway
  • This close to great...

    . Some of the writing is insultingly dumb. And whoever cast Vinessa Shaw who's total inability to act is only brought more into focus by the greatness of Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight's. The bizarre choice of Hank Azaria as the head of the FB,I together with his equally bizarre and erratic acting choices make me wonder if whoever cast them wasn't trying to ruin the show. Paula Malcolmson as Abby is just fucking annoying. It has enormous potential with the LA noir setting, great lighting and cool milieu. They need to make some script improvements and stop forgetting how smart their audience is. I still give it a 10 for the glimpses of greatness - worth watching for Voight alone.
  • I'm hooked

    Only saw the first 2 episodes, so I need to do some catch up, but this is really good.

    I loved the First season and told everyone about it but so far Season Two has totally bored me. LONGMIRE's Third season is much much better and I can't believe I'm saying this!. i hope #2 gets better.
  • Hire some ex-Soprano writers!

    Fun show but jarringly lame at times. The uber-competent and resourceful hero hands over $2M to a thug just because he said he got the call from Sully??? Then when Sully double-crosses him he still walks right into his ambush, getting his ace Mossad agent shot? And why on earth would Sully bring in the 2 other goons to split up his getaway money? And Ezra has brain surgery one day and the next day he's back at work like nothing happened?

    Even with good writing the show stretches suspension of disbelief - it can't afford such lazy/sloppy writing...
  • Great Show

    This is a great show. The only criticism I have is that the Boston accent is atrocious and I'm from Boston btw. Liev Schreiber doesn't even bother doing it at times. Jon Voight and Paula Malcomson do an ok job. Overall I highly recommend the show but the Boston accent is difficult to pull off and needs a lot of work.
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