Ray Donovan

Season 1 Episode 12

Same Exactly

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Ray Donovan.

    Bunchy was right about Mickey, he was never a father to his kids and he still isn't, the way he treated Ray after Ray was molested repeatedly. excuses, excuses, excuses. Where Mickey goes trouble just follows. Mickey is like a leech, just sucks everybody dry and a user, even when Ray gave him the money to get out of town, I knew he wouldn't go and now I guess Mickey will be staying at the fight club. The only good thing that Mickey did was shoot Sully (less Mickey on this show). As for Francis and Terry, I don't think she'll say anything about the priest and I hope Avi is okay. I have watched all 12 episode's of this Fantastic Show. Great Season Finale. Thumbs Up.
  • family values

    This was an episode about family loyalty and and sacrifice. Abbie and the kids not even blinking at the blood on Ray's shirt, just glad to be together. Terri telling Frances that the family is loyal to each other even if it means he loses her. Then there is Mickey, finally stepping up saying that he spent 20 years in prison to protect Ray and Ezra. That all he wanted was to be closer to his family and that Ray was his favorite son. Then showing up at the hotel to get Abby out of bed, then at the dock to save Ray's life. Too bad Mickey still didn't get how his presence was poisoning the relationships in the family, even after Ray told him that he was already dead to him.
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