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  • A great show and far better than its premise would suggest.

    The show follows Yomiko Readman, a young girl who works as a secret agent for the British Library as she investigates the dissappearance of a mysterious book that could threaten the world. Yomiko is not the weak bookworm that she appears to be however, she has a gift - absolute control over paper.

    I know, I know the premise sounds dreadful but honestly once you get into this is a great show. The plot is quick and to the point. The characters are intelligent and well thought out and the same goes for the dialogue. Trust me give it a chance and you will enjoy it.
  • A unique and original show.

    Read or Die is a very good anime. I thought it had a original story based off the manga, and interweaves with the manga. I thought what the anime was try to tell us was how important books are and we shouldn't always rely on what the television or our leaders tell us. We should always try and learn more and improve our selves. Back to the anime, both the manga, OVA, and series follow Yomiko Readman a British secret agent who as the ability to use paper as a weapon and loves reading books. Like I said the story telling is great the animation is good, and the music was unique different from most anime. Just one thing I would read the manga than watch the OVA and then the television series. That's the order chronologically. So you won't get confused.
  • It's really good, it haves something of everything, even Yuri love. The best is the OVA, the other chapters arent that too good like the ova, lol I might fell in love with Yumiko ^^'

    There are 3 sisters... the little one just doesnt love books but the other 2 have thousands of them. Each of them have special powers... WITH PAPER, yeah they can manipulate the paper and make anything they want with it.
    Some other charas are in the OVA that then interfer in the last episodes. Plus there is a secret agency of books or something like that, who wants to get... a book that has yumiko. Like I said the OVA it shows alot more than every episode of the anime... And its just the cutiest thing ever when u see Yumiko trying to be good with Nancy-san ._. lol and even, the power of Yumiko is overwhelming xP and over the other paper users ;D so I recommend it, cause Ive seen it more than 50 times...( the ova ) and I love it alot x-X
  • R.O.D rocks! No wounder I love watching it over and over again!

    R.O.D(Read or Die)Is the best, My personal favorite episoide is where Nenene meets Yomiko again which is episode 15. But my favorite part was where Nenene was chasing Yomiko through a library and then threw a book at her! That was funny! Anyways I love Maggie out of everyone in the whole entire show because even though she may look scary she is actully kind. I love that she always wants to be in dark narrow places and that she LOVES to read all the time. But Michelle I love it when she sleeps cause she meows! It's so cute!
  • This show is the Ultamite Animme show....

    This show took me sooo long to look for once I was 9 and i saw it on adult swim so i looked for what it was called and it was called Read or Die. I was like Heahh It was an original name but please dont give me a bad review I love this show and i prayed I would find it.... and I did I remember only seeing the last 10 min. of it on adult swim and I found on ebay. I could not get it so 3 years later im 12 and I found it at best buy I was so happy. The show is about a sinister plot and only the the girl can stop it (agent Paper). A book that can have great powers was stolen and they must get it back. at the end they have to stop the bad guys "get away" at the nick of time paper agent pulls though to revel what she can do. also Paper agent has a friend on this mission but at the end the tradgical mistake happens as paper's friend gets blown away in the space ship, loseing her soul and her memories . .
  • Special powers. done before. but girl with powers to turn paper into one mean weapon.

    This is one hell of a show. This is one of the funniest animes out there. with three agents working at the english library, each with a special power. A person who can go through solid objects, some one who makes paper interesting, by using it as her secret weapon, and a weapons expert, making a perfect combination. The bad guys are interesting aswell, and funny.

    this show will make you have a fit of giggles you must watch it.
  • Now this is a show.

    Here's an anime that is definitely worth watching. It's got heroines with powers like I've never seen. Whoever heard of a school teacher/secret agent who can control paper. And it has such a rich storyline with many twists and turns and taboo undertones. (female homosexuality and pedophilism are the prominante ones) But it's still great nontheless
  • Man...

    Okay, I HATE g4 now. Read or Die was one of the BEST animes I've ever seen. then the morons at G4 cut it off at episode 20! What Happens To Anita and Yomiko?! All in all this is the best anime I've ever seen. I hope G4 continues it.

  • Read or Die has everything a show needs. Action, adventure, and same gender crushes. I would give it a more higher rating if they had a number bigger than 10.

    Picture three sisters and two of them love books so much that they filled their whole apartment with books top to bottom and the youngest hates books. Than imagaine the same people having the abitily to animate paper into kives, arrows, and animals. Than think about a writer who lets them live in her house. Than picture another paper master who loves books so much that she had to get a whole apartment building just to hold them all who is being hunted by a super secret place called the british libray which is under a british libray. Then add two people that can walk through solid objects and a GI Joe army guy and you have Read or Die.
  • Well the most I can tell from the premise of the story is that there are three sisters, who are paper witches or something, and a school theacher Nenene. They are being attacked by this guy who wants to destroy something. I know not a very good descriptio

    Great Great Great. I saw this show a while back when it was showing on G4tv, and I loved it. I loved the character of the tall quiet sister who liked cramped dark places, and Nenene had such an attitude.A great series. If if ever came bak on TV I would sure like to watch the whole thing.
  • When this show took over the time my Inuyasha was coming on, I got so mad I could of cried, but after seeing it I was ready to ask Adult Swim when they are putting it back on. It's just like my Inuyasha show: great, sad, and just so wonderful.

    Finally watching Inuyasha every second it aired on my television, I knew that someone out there knew what I needed in my life, something to keep me occupied and happy. So as it came on I was all set... eyes opened, a huge smile, and my hands over my heart. I now had something to let me laugh (alot), cheer, and even cry. I didn't really care what other kids thought because I don't even like them anyway (still dont). So I'm a loner, big deal, Inuyasha isn't the cause, but it's what's helpin me in doing something.'s Saturday night, there's a commercial earlier on saying Read or Die, tonight @ whatever time, I didn't care. Then, just as it was time for Inuyasha to come, and I'm ready to scream for joy in my little room, this weird picture comes on. It's not Inuyasha, but something else.. "Read or Die" eyes open even more wide, as I stare at my television, as some new anime movie comes on taking over the space of my Inuyasha's time! "What!?!" Im saying and thinking to myself. "What's going on? Where's Inuyasha!?!" Then I remember that commercial that came on afew times about this.. "No! It said @ (w/e time Inuyasha came on then)No!!!" I almost cried, and in fact I think i tried to, but I couldn't. This wouldnt be the first time something like this happened. So there I am on my bed just rocking back and forth looking at the bottom of the wall, then I get up and leave for awhile. How could it be? I love my Inuyasha, and they took it away that night. But when I turned on a television to see if it was absolutely true,it was still that dang movie, but then I just decided to watch it, nothing better to do. As I sat there watching this woman be so clumsy and make these papers fly around I was just so disgusted with it, until she was with another woman, flying on this paper plane "Yomiko", her name is, made. As Yomiko an "Nancy" go and fly to a building or w/e, they go and get a book from a guy in a jet. As I saw how the became friends, I was so hooked. I've never seen such an interesting thing before, not how they did. For some reason this movie was just different, but enjoyable some how. After the movie was over and Nancy and Yomiko had there sad and happy parts. I wanted to see it again. I was saying "What?! Come back on. Noo!Is it gonna come back on Adult Swim ever again?!?" Then I remembered, Inuyasha always repeats later on around 3am. So of course I looked later at the tv guide channel and there it was, Read or Die then greatest and only anime movie i've ever watched. I wanted to tape it but unfortunaely the vcr was broke, but at least I saw it again. I will always watch that movie when it airs on my tv again, always. Read or Die, the best anime movie ever..
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