Reading Rainbow

Season 9 Episode 9

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Sep 26, 1991 on PBS

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  • Since LeVar takes a train in this episode, the subject is centered on trains and the US railroad system. There is also a nonfiction story about a teenaged girl who saves a train during the 1860's.

    In this episode, LeVar rides on a train along the Pacific coast. Throughout the episode, we learn how trains work, how trains have been traveling the country, and how the Transcontinental Railroad came to be. Basically, this episode is all about trains. The story about Kate Shelly takes place during the time when the railroad system was still being built. A safety tip is also mentioned, stating that you should never be on the railroad tracks when a train comes by.

    Little did I know that trains are like mobile hotels. They have everything from restaurants to bedrooms. I would like to travel by train. I haven't done that in a while. If I were to travel by train again, I would choose to go to San Diego. What about you?