Reading Rainbow

Season 3 Episode 5

Perfect the Pig

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Jul 05, 1985 on PBS

Episode Recap

Today, LeVar is on a farm in Hawaii where it is dinner time. Dinner is just about the busiest time for everyone, especially for pigs. LeVar says that pigs are such lovable animals. An animation of a pigerick is shown. It is about a pig from Tennessee who was so fat, she outgrew her clothes. A pigerick is a limerick about pigs. More of these poems will be seen in this show.

LeVar and the viewers will be going hog wild today. The pigs have just finished dinner, so LeVar decides to read them an after dinner book. Today's book is about a pig who makes a wish, finds a special friend, and gets involved with a crook. The story is called Perfect the Pig, narrated by James Coco. Perfect was a very small pig, yet he was very gental and not greedy. Perfect wished to have wings to fly. One day, he gets his wish after helping a large sow who fell. As soon as Perfect gets his wings, the other pigs and even the birds start to make fun of him. Perfect flies far away until he makes friends with a woman named Olive. Olive loved Perfect so much that she soon starts painting portraits of him. Olive was the was who gave Perfect his name. One day as Perfect flew along, he gets lost in a heavy fog. A man soon finds him on a park bench and begins to get excited when he discovers a pig with wings. That terrible man calls Perfect Oink. Perfect gets nothing but garbage to eat. The crook dresses Perfect in a costume to put him in a show. When Perfect sees Olive in the audience one day in a show, he was overjoyed to be back with her again.

LeVar shows the viewers some piglets who are only three weeks old and about the same as Perfect was. "Pigs have very unique personalities," LeVar says. People have used pigs for watchdogs; or better yet, watchhogs. Pigs are the smartest domestic animals in the world. They are as clean as any animal could be. Next time one tells you, "You're room is like a pig sty," just tell them "Thanks." A song about how good it feels to be a pig is heard. It is called "Happy Just Bein' a Pig".

Another pigerick is seen. This one is about a pig who wanted to know about life in Paris.

LeVar is in the animal section of a library. While looking for more information about pigs, he meets Kermit the Frog. LeVar asks Kermit what he's doing in the pig section of the library. Trying to hide his secret, Kermit tells LeVar that he is keeping up to date on cs from pig literature. Kermit shows some pig cs like Frankenswine (a scary pig story), Boar and Peace (written by the Russian pig author, Leo Tolsty), and Pignocchio (about a puppet who wants to be a real pig). There is even a piggy twist on the Shakespeare play Hamlet. When LeVar sees a book called How to Pamper Your Pig, he starts to figure out Kermit's secret. Kermit was looking for books to show his girlfriend, the one and only, Miss Piggy. The real story is that Kermit loves to pig out on books. If you like to pig out on books yourself, here are some books a group of reviewers share with the viewing audience.

The first reviewer says that if you like superheroes, you can read The Bionic Bunny Show. This book is about a TV superhero rabbit named Wilber who doesn't actually have such powers. The second reviewer shares a book called Hector, the Accordion-Nosed Dog. It's about a dog named Hector who can do amazing talents with his dog nose. When he bumps his nose into a wall one day, his nose starts sounding like an acordion. That is when he discovers a new talent. The third reviewer talks about a book entitled Poinsettia and Her Family. Poinsettia's biggest problem is her family. She can't find a quiet place to read her library book. When her family decides to move away, Poinsettia hides in her old house. She soon finds out that it's no fun to have the whole house to yourself.

The third pigerick seen is about a pig who has a cold. All those pigericks shown in this episode were inspired from Arnold Lobel's Book of Pigericks. The last pigerick is about a pig from Texas.

LeVar is at the Honolulu Zoo Store where he sees items that have something to do with pigs. He shows the viewers those items he sets to a poem. LeVar has just shown almost everything on pigs, except piggy banks. LeVar explains how piggy banks came to be. A long time ago, this invention started out as a mistake. Pygg, a type of clay, was used to make pots and jars for people to save their money. When potters didn't know that pygg was ancient clay, the term piggy bank began to catch on. The popular pig-shaped money holder became famous ever since. Making up his own rhyme, LeVar puts on a piggy hat and puts a dime in a pink piggy bank as he signs off. A reprise of the song "Happy Just Bein' a Pig" (with slightly different words) is played during the credits. At the end of the song, one pig asks "How did you like the show?" Another pig answers, "I thought it was spig-tacular!"

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