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  • Made Books interesting

    Various ep (00-03)
  • Watched since I was a baby

    GREAT!! Up there with Sesame Street.
  • No more Reading Rainbow on TV !!

    Why not on TV ?
  • I love this show because I love LeVar Burton for hosting Reading Rainbow so much.


    I love LeVar Burton so much and I love Reading Rainbow because everybody and the whole world learn how to read. Books and everything is always on your side. PBS Kids is always proud for #1 recommendation for children and the world would love Reading Rainbow. Even I am. I'm in love with Reading Rainbow, and the Reading Rainbow guy named LeVar Burton.

  • The educational show that tells us that reading can be fun.

    Remember when PBS Kids in it's "It's your imagination" days? Remember the network that didn't have that awful Wild Kratts,that idiotic Sid the Science Kid and that terrible The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That? Besides Arthur,this is one of it's best shows ever to air on PBS Kids. Reading Rainbow is a show about a guy (Forgot his name) who promotes reading to kids,and he even reads a story like Stellaluna or something like that. It may sound like a snoozefest like Nick News,however,it ends up being great. This show doesn't say "Hey you,turn off that TV and start reading",this promotes it very well. And I loved the theme song,though I loved the new one better. However,now,it's canceled. Why? So PBS can make room for it's other stupid shows. Thank you,Reading Rainbow,for inspiring us to read.
  • It's more like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rainbow

    Who thought of this lame show ! LaVar makes the show lame it was lame all together ! All they did was talk about books . In school they all ways made me watch it ! I thought I'd rather watch Mr.Rodgers or even TELLITUBIES (even though i hate them ) i would rather watch them ! 41 words W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W O O O O O O O O R R R R S S S T T S S S H H H O W EVER!
  • A great educational show!

    Ever since age 4 I've always loved this show even taping over 10 volumes! I even let my mother borrow some episodes every now and then. Besides getting kids into reading books, it also shows them the world as well sometimes with animated segments. Can't say what my favorite episode is, there's too many good ones! It's also a great thing to hear various celebrity voices to those who have passed away (Raul Julia, Eartha Kitt, and Gilda Radner are among them). On certain volumes besides this, I also recorded many other treasures of PBS, some incomplete but good nostalgia nonetheless. Even though the show is ended, we need more shows like this.
  • Help me find this episode please!

    I am trying to find an interstitial from RR and which episode it appeared in, although I think it appeared in more than one episode. It was live action video and it was a family who lived in a house near the woods (or a prairie?) and the house was very messy. The mother leaves, and the kids clean up the house. Most of the video is the children cleaning. The mother returns and everyone is happy. I remember the video had natural lighting, and I believe the mother left with a basket in her hand. The whole video is set to a music, like a music video. If you could tell me which episode this appears, I would be very grateful!
  • Great memories.

    I remember watching this show when I was young and I have to say that this was one of the best shows for kids. It was eductaional and made reading more interesting. I especially liked the story time part of the show as I felt that it was interesting and very entertaining to hear various stories. I wonder why the show never just read one big story? Anyways, the show was a classic when it mixed the comedy and the story together. It was also very fun to watch the host explore buildings, museums, landmarks, and other places to make things interesting. Thank you.
  • The books featured in this episode can take viewers, young and old, to different places.

    In this long-running PBS series, LeVar Burton--the host--goes to different places and explores the many wonders of reading. Each show has a different theme and at least 3 featured books in each episode.

    Each main book in every episode is narrated by a different celebrity guest star. You never know where your imagination can take you as you read those books. I can garantee you, this show will open up a wide world of reading to viewers of all ages. I would also have to say that LeVar Burton makes a great host for Reading Rainbow. For Reading Rainbow, reading rules!!!
  • It really does encourage children on reading.

    I remember seeing the past opening back in the 90s. It had colorful animations, and I miss it a lot. I mean, I loved how that butterfly created rainbow trails. Every episode, Levar Burton reads one book about certain things, and near the end, three kids review one book each that he or she recommends. I didn't find most of them back in elementary school, but they were pretty good. I'm still glad to see, though, that the show still survives on my station, although the new opening, which I dislike the most about it, is still on the air.
  • Hands Down Great show!

    I remember being a kid and siting down watching reading rainbow and learning something new & going to sleep during it. I would watch it and it would be a really good book on there and i would beg my mom to go to the libaray to get the book so i can read it myself. it was such a great show. it was like a showcase of books that you haven't read. i never seen them with stupid book or a book that didn't make sense but it were some that were not amusing and most that were, i wasn't never really a book worm but this show made me like books.
  • Geordi LaForge, get back to engineering and tune up the warp engines!

    This show is rather dull. I watched it once only because I remember Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Why was his name LaForge, he sure doesnt look French like Picard did.

    Maybe if he had some guest stars like the Borg it might be interesting. Or perhaps Worf and few of his Klingon friends telling the stories of Kahless while sitting around a barrel of blood wine and handing it out to the children --- Stories like the one where he fashioned a sword with his own hands, by dropping a lock of his hair into the lava from the Kris’tak Volcano and twisting it into a blade. Another epic story relates how Kahless fought his brother, Morath, for twelve days and twelve nights because Morath had lied and brought shame to his family. And the story of how Kahless is also said to have fought off an entire army single-handedly at Three Turn Bridge----- and other stories listed on Wikipedia like Kahless was not known as merely a great warrior, but also as a great lover. One day, five hundred warriors stormed the Great Hall at Qam-Chee. The garrison fled in terror. Only the Emperor Kahless and the Lady Lukara stood their ground. Together, they fought through the night and one by one the attacking warriors fell. Finally, after many hours, and with the Great Hall ankle-deep in blood, they emerged victorious, and made passionate love. So began the greatest romance in Klingon history....

    Then they might get more viewers.
  • This show is very relaxing because of the wonderful music choices they have and the stories they have as well.

    I don't know why but this is a better show than Between he lions even I like that show too. Lavar Burton he was a star on Star Trek the next generation that is why I like him as a host . I'm a huge star trek fan that is why I say that he was on star trek.
  • Wow i havent seen this show in a while..

    I remember i would often watch this show when i was young. maybe at about age 4. Last time i saw this was in the 6th grade when me and my friend were goofing around and saw this was on, so ~shrugs~ why not watch it?

    Ah the memories it brought back when i was young..

    This was one of my favorites as a kid.
  • Awsome show!!!!

    This show is what really reading on a regualar baisis.It went to cool places like the stock market( I still don't know how it works ) and a observeatoryto look at the stars. thay also a books tied in with the subject of the day. I can't wait till the new episode's come out. It is a kids show but adults come to like some of the episode's ( like the stock market one) because the have good subject to catch an adult's mind. why you should watch it? Because it is a good show, and just fun to watch .
  • Reading reimbow is a WAST OF TIME!

    Reading reimbow is a WAST OF TIME!, They don\'t made new shows, and they don\'t read good books.
    The last year that they made the final Season was on 2003.
    And they still return series from 1994.
    They just need to made new series, but is not a really good show.Reading reimbow still on airs on some Pbs station at 6:00 am.And that really don\'t make any sense.And they don\'t really read books, they just read the resume of the books when the show is almost over.
    But there is a lot of kids around the contry who likes to watch the show, but Rearing raimbow is a wast of TIME!
  • Sorry, but..

    I never really liked this show.. I always thought it was boring. But then again, I haven't watched this show since I was like, 7.. It's strange how Levar Burton went from Kounekentae (sp) to teaching the world how to read.. And why was it nessary for somebody to read books outloud on tv? Couldn't a kid just go to the library for story time? Or just ask their parents or a grandma/grandpa or a brother or sister or even a friend to read a story to them?

    But I gotta admit, this show did get me to read a little more..
  • THe Character is determined to get revenge for murder. Whether it involves the police or doing it his self.

    THe Character is determined to get revenge for murder. Whether it involves the police or doing it his self. He first comfronts Sheabout how he believes Thumper killed him. Trying to find the proof was the challenge. Even with She's help him couldn't help himself. He set up Thumper knowing he would be killed.
  • One of the best children's educational series of all time ...

    I don't know where I would be without Reading Rainbow. It inspired me to read and develop a deep love of books of all kinds from a fairly young age.
    Even as an adult I still enjoy watching RR, it's message is timeless ... explore new worlds and adventures through reading. I hope that whenever I have children of my own, Reading Rainbow will be available to them to enjoy and to learn from as I did.
    They did such an incredibly good job with the series, LeVar Burton is still one of my favourite celebrities, and I think it will be around for a very long time (even if only in repeats).
  • In a very serious way, this has a very good theme on showing little kids how reading can help improve imagination.

    When I was small, I used to watch this show a lot. Now, I'm older but when my baby sister, I rate this show as a close to a 9. It shows how imagination is the key to anything. They use examples on that with books. Reading helps the small children seeing this show get into reading and get their imagination to get creative. They show some other lessons that they might learn other than reading.
  • How can you not like this show? It gets kids into readind books. We need tht nowadays. Now everyone jus wants rap, sind, and dance. Levar Burton was a great host too.

    How can you not like this show? It gets kids into readind books. We need tht nowadays. Now everyone jus wants rap, sind, and dance. Levar Burton was a great host too.I loved when they would read us a story. If I catch it when it comes on I have to watch. It's so innocent. The theme song was great too. I love it!
  • Great Show!

    I just really loved the show! Great Theme! Great Animation! And LEVAR BURTON Rocks! I love his hair style. I love his phrases, the feature books and the book review segments! GREAT FORMAT! And eventually i wanna keep Reading Rainbow on the air for a lifetime! Nice Show! And \"You don\'t have to take, my word for it\"!.
  • Sucky Sucky Sucky

    This show is really lame. Well, i mean, do all kids shows like this have to be this corny? Im talking about the people shows, like Sesame Street, and everything else. It's a real pain to everyone who watches it! I mean, almost everything on the PBS channel sucks! This show shouldn't have been nominated for that emmy or grammy thing! This show should be cancelled, and stay like that!
  • this show is about trying to get children into reading. They should bring it back because Levar Burton is the best tv show for kids actor ever.

    This show show kids the importance of reading without shows like this reading in United States would be down it shows reading is fun which is not what you get from school because lets face it you can not really get to read what you like at school. They should bring this show back .
  • Reading rainbow, a world that examines other worlds. This show examines what it is to be another person in another world and what the culture is in that part of the world. Also you can get some advice on some good reading material for kids.Reading rainbow

    Reading rainbow was, no is a great program. This show is great because it's educational, informative, has a great concept, a great host, and all the same time and enjoyment to watch. Plus any theme song I can remember to this day is a great song that must have been part of a great show. Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high, take a look, it's in a book, a reading rainbow, Reading Rainbow, Reading Rainbow!!!!