Reading Rainbow - Season 13

PBS (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Archibald Frisby
    Episode 5
    LeVar gets in his share of scientific method while at an amusement park. He answers questions by observing and using trial and error. Along the way, we learn how different kinds of scientists find answers to their own questions.

     Arnold Stang reads the featured tale about a young boy, obsessed with science and mathematics, whose mother sends him to summer camp to help him improve his social skills, but his scientific knowledge helps him learn even more, and makes him into a camp hero when he figures out how to win the softball game by calculating trajectories.moreless
  • 10/5/95
    LeVar is back in New York (as he always seems to be), this time on Broadway. It's a sign mecca, and part of this program shows the making of a huge advertisement. Jamie Farr tells the story about a cranky sign painter who has a revelation about his job when he's asked to commission a sign for free as a good gesture.moreless
  • Alejandro's Gift
    Episode 3
    LeVar visits Indian Canyons to learn how Native American Indians lived near a desert oasis, and why water is such a precious thing for our planet. Francisco Rivela reads Alejandro's Gift, a story about a man who lives in the desert and decides to build an oasis for the animals that come to his garden to drink, but run away when he tries to be friendly.moreless
  • Martha Speaks
    Episode 2
    Who would believe that LeVar Burton is not around to host this episode? A phone call has distracted LeVar just as he was about to show the viewers a book about cats (not to be confused with "Duncan & Dolores"). While LeVar's away, his dog has the show to his own, devoting it to dogs. Jo Hayden reads the featured story of Martha, a dog who suddenly develops the ability to speak English after eating bowls of alphabet soup. She keeps on talking and talking until her whole family tells her to "Shut up!"moreless
  • The Wonderful Towers of Watts
    LeVar visits the suburb of Watts in L.A. California to talk to some of the young people in the area and find out how they are trying to change the negative image of the town due to incident like the Watts riots in 1964.

    Angela Bassett reads a true story of a man who worked in a ceramic dishware company, and brought home broken scraps of pottery to create his own massive sculpture that he spent years building that eventually became the Watts Towers.moreless