Reading Rainbow - Season 16

PBS (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • The Carousel
    The Carousel
    Episode 5
    LeVar discusses how people cope with losing things, and how memories of special events or favorite things help when the lost item is someone rather than something. Sarah Hubbard reads The Carousel, about two young girls who decide to walk through their favorite park during a rainstorm, because it reminds them of something their late mother liked to do, and how they must use their mother's tools to repair the carousel after the horses magically come to life and run off the ride.moreless
  • LeVar discusses how people show gratitude for kind acts and how we can repay each other in acts of kindness to spread good will in the world. Nicholson Earl Billey reads the featured story, a poem of greeting that native Americans say each day to bless the earth and pray for all the gifts they have been given by respecting the planet.moreless
  • Regina's Big Mistake
    As LeVar works to make a clay model of his childhood home as a birthday gift for his mother, artists and their different mediums are profiled. Anna Holbrooks reads the story of Regina, who frets about making the perfect drawing in art class, and gets frustrated when her classmates accuse her of copying them when she has difficulty deciding what to draw after the teacher gives the class a theme.moreless
  • Hip Cat
    Hip Cat
    Episode 2
    Jazz music is profiled in this episode, as LeVar listens in on musicians like Joshua Redman as he and some others rehearse for a performance. Ann Duquesnay reads the featured story of a cat who plays the saxophone and how he makes a living playing music in jazz clubs.
  • On the Day You Were Born
    How babies are born is explored, in great detail, in this episode, as a family welcoming their fourth child is profiled during the last few weeks before delivery. Patrick Stewart reads a poem about how special each person is when they come into the world, and how every birth should be celebrated.moreless